10 Free Things to Do in Shanghai

There are several free things to do in Shanghai that you can check out. Some of the best attractionsinvolve a heady mix of culture, history, and entertainment alike.

Here’s Taking a Closer Look at the Free Things to do in Shanghai:

1. Shanghai Museum

Shanghai Museum offers a glimpse into the history and culture of the entire region, with its collection of 120,000+ pieces. Find ancient relics and artefacts like calligraphies, jade, seals, and more. It lies beside the famous People’s Square and People’s Park. Millions of people visit the museum every year, so make sure you plan in advance. You will find this destination on Renmin Avenue. It is one of the best free things to do in Shanghai.

2. China Art Museum

Another marvel for visitors, it lies in the earlier China Pavilion. This dates back to the Shanghai Expo from 2010. It looks like a pyramid that is upside-down. You will appreciate a tour of the Expo premises which still retain their charm.

3. M50

A visit to the M50 art district is a must for those who genuinely appreciate art. It lies within a manufacturing center that is now a buzzing artistic hub. Find multiple galleries and artists’ studios here. Moganshan Road is a great place to check out the Graffiti Wall and take some great pictures. Find the best Shanghai serviced apartmentsnear this landmark.

4. Red Town

Famous for its sculptures, it is a great creative zone in the city. It has plenty of studios and galleries to keep you gainfully busy. You will love the ambience and cafes here. The installations are also worth viewing.

5. Fuxing Park

A trip to Fuxing Park costs no money and is great for a picnic with loved ones. It lies within the earlier French Concession with vast greenery and open spaces. Enjoy charming weather with friendly locals and lip-smacking food.

6. Century Park

The biggest such park in Shanghai, it lies near the Line 2 of the subway. You can take a 20-minute trip from the People’s Park to this famous landmark in Pudong. You will love taking a picnic here along with checking out festivals which periodically take place at this venue.

7. French Concession (Former)

If you get a bout of good weather, do not waste your time. Head out to the FFC (Former French Concession) and check out its lovely lanes. Find the best cafes, embassies, buildings, boutiques, and more. The designs are sure to leave you in a trance. You can take various routes to reach the place. The whole zone is huge and you will need a few days to cover it all.

8. 1933

The famous 1933 building was once a slaughterhouse. As hard as it is to believe, it has gone through several renovations over the years. It is now a creative zone with several restaurants and stores. What you will love is climbing up the steps and witnessing the stellar views on offer. Combine your trip with a lovely walk through the beautiful and famous Hongkou District.

9. Jewish Quarter

If you are already in Hongkou, then you might as well make the most of it! Check out the Jewish Quarter with a quick walk or a bicycle ride. The historic zone had innumerable Jewish refugees here at the time of WWII. You will find several walking tours on offer. Soak in the history of the place.

10. Xuhui Riverside Park

The West Bund and Xuhui Riverside Park is accessible through the Line 7. You can walk southwards from the station and find the Public Opera Space. Go beyond and witness the Huangpu River. The West Bund has a lovely wall for rock climbing along with basketball courts. There is also a park for skating and a lot more. You can check out the endless activities on offer, while watching the ships go by. The whole experience is quite calming, to say the least. It is a great free activity to try in Shanghai.

These are the top 10 free things to do in Shanghai for visitors. Experience the magic and beauty of a historic city, while savouring its warmth and cuisine alike! Here’s to a fun and enriching journey ahead!

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