These are the 5 Best iPhone 5 Cases that will Keep your Phone Stylish and Safe

The iPhone 5 has arrived! Although it may have many of the same features and specs as the iPhone 13’s, you will want to make sure that your iPhone 5 is safe and sound for as much time as possible. We’ve compiled a list of the top iPhone 5 cases currently available, from wallet and rugged models to thin and lightweight cases. Most of them are MagSafe compatible.

Caseology Parallax Magazine

Caseology produces great cases with stylish finishes. Our favorite Parallax model from the brand is the Parallax. The case’s 3D hexacube texture at the back gives it a unique appearance and provides a comfortable level of grip to prevent falls and slips. The case is also MIL-STD-810G certified, providing exceptional protection. It comes in three attractive colors. This case is affordable and features a MagSafe magnet integrated, wireless charging compatibility and a low price.

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Spigen Liquid Air Armor

Spigen is another top-selling case brand. Our favorite in their extensive line is the Liquid Air Armor. The phone feels great in your hand and is virtually impossible to drop thanks to the rubberized, textured backing. It is also very easy to slip on and take off. It’s not as complicated as it looks, and doesn’t have MagSafe magnets. You’ll need to choose the Rugged Armor for this, which features a slightly different design. Like many Spigen cases they only come in black.

UAG Metropolis LT

Urban Armor Gear is most well-known for its rugged cases. But the Metropolis LT caught our attention. Although the design is rugged, it adds sophistication that’s difficult to see in photos. The case’s exterior is covered with Kevlar for military-grade protection. It’s slim and lightweight, but it has MagSafe accessories magnets built in. You can also get a folio-style version with room for three cards and cash if you like the design.

Otterbox Commuter Series

Otterbox is another brand of rugged cases, but the Commuter Series packs that protection into a slim package. It’s not thin, but it is lighter than many of Otterbox’s cases. The case still provides trademark protection such as dust covers and durability that surpasses military-grade standards. Although it claims that it can be used with MagSafe accessories without the need for magnets, it is quite weak. It’s still a great case and comes in four color options.

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Caseology Nano Pop

Another stylish Caseology case, the Nano Pop removes the textured back to create a contrast two-tone look. It has a silicone exterior that feels great and still provides military-grade protection against drops and tumbles. This case comes in two versions: one with the MagSafe magnet array, and one without. To sweeten the deal, the version without the array comes with two tempered-glass screen protectors. Three color options are available: Blueberry Navy and Burgundy Bean.

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