6 Ways to Instantly Look Better

Everyone wants to look their best. We are often unable to stick to a routine or put in extra effort to achieve the perfect look. Here are 6 ways to instantly look better.

1. Add a Bit of Blush or Bronzer

It can be difficult to apply makeup in the morning when we are running to get to college or work. It’s easy to instantly make your face look healthier by adding a natural blush. This gives the appearance of a lot more zeal. You can contour your face by adding a light layer of your favorite bronzer to your face.

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2. Clothes

You may not always look your best when applying makeup. Don’t worry! The way you style your clothes can make a big difference. To achieve a structured look, tuck your top or t-shirt into your jeans or pants. To add elegance, fold the bottom of your pants twice. Before you wear your clothes, iron them. These little changes can instantly make you look put together.

3. Hair

Frizzy or untamed hair can cause problems. You can simply braid your hair loosely, and then spray some hair spray to fix it. You will have wavy hair instantly by removing your braids. Although this takes only 5 minutes, it will instantly make your hair look great. You can also run your hair through a straightener. This will give your hair a neat finish.

4. Jewellery

Small trinkets are a great way to make a difference. It is important to not go overboard. Keep your ear studs small and delicate. Try hoop earrings, or a nose pin, if you’re looking for something new. This will instantly elevate your appearance.

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5. Accessory

Accessorizing well is as important as jewellery. To give your look a sophisticated touch, add a thin band watch to your wrist. To keep your hair in place, put your hair up with a thin scarf. You will look like you spent hours getting ready when it really took only two minutes.

6. Shoes

Switch to kitten heels or platforms for your sneakers. A little heel can improve your posture and structure. You will notice a change in your posture. It doesn’t have to be very high. You don’t have to wear very high heels.

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