7 Most Common HydraFacial Myths

Have you joined the bandwagon of women intimidated by Kim Kardashian and Kendal Jenner’s flawless skin? However, unlocking the secret behind their glass-shiny skin has never been easier. By this, let’s clarify that we’ve not referred to vitamin and whitening serums. But, the latest HydraFacial has recently conquered half of the world.

Remember that healthy skin always outpaces perfectness, and HydraFacial helps you achieve that feat. The process surprises you with instant results by unclogging pores and hydrating your face with multiple serums. No wonder why it has gained massive popularity in such a short span.

As HydraFacial has a reputation, critics can’t help but question its credibility by spreading falsehood and misconceptions. You must know before proceeding with the facial and regretting it afterwards.

Myth # 1- It’s a Risky and Complicated Surgery

Since experienced and professional surgeons often do the facial, many candidates assume they might have to go under the knife. That’s false, as there are no surgical aspects involved. HydraFacial is meant to tailor your skin requirements and make it healthier and glowing than ever. Since there are no incisions, the procedure isn’t risky, but the safest one we could ever imagine. So, it’s a green flag from our side, and you can certainly proceed with the treatment.

Myth # 2- Everyone Gets the Same HydraFacial

HydraFacial treatment is customizable as per the patient’s skin type and history, so everyone walks through different processes. Before starting the facial, the candidate gets a mild inspection, including the physicians determining the serum quantity for their faces and the period. The type of skin, intended outcomes, and patient’s past details with cosmetic treatments make a huge impact. In addition, the attendant might also adjust the HydraPeel tip accordingly.

Myth # 3- You can Perform HydraFacial at Home

Sure, there are skincare treatments that you can efficiently perform at home and get the desired results. However, HydraFacial isn’t a child’s game but served under the supervision of professionals who identify your skin’s requirements better than you do. That’s why it’s so different yet effective than traditional facials. People who make no compromises with their skin must understand the absurdity of this myth. As an educated candidate, you must act sensibly and never try such complicated processes at home.

Myth # 4- HydraFacial Extraction can be Scary

As no squeezing or pressing takes place, candidates often compare the treatment to a delicate massage. Since the entire session is gentle, painless and devoid of negative sensations, HydraFacial is famous for its uniqueness. The peeling tip you feel wandering around your face is the tool that works miraculously to treat your acne, hyperpigmentation and scars. Moreover, there’s no potential irritation or peeling afterwards.

Myth # 5- You Can’t Compliment Other Cosmetics with HydraFacial

Patients often choose to have injectable laser treatments and lip fillers on the same day as getting done with the HydraFacial. However, there’s a misconception that blending different procedures can harm your skin. Yet, that’s not true. Although boosters and LED treatments are frequently requested after the session, it’s workable for treating sun damage, redness and scarring.

Myth # 6- HydraFacial doesn’t last long

HydraFacial makes your skin brighter and radiant and lasts much longer than traditional facials. It’s a therapeutic session to make your skin healthier and shiny. The more you cherish it, the glow will last longer than we expect. Since there’s no quick fix, we suggest you get the treatment after a month or two to ensure continual progress. However, the physician will guide you if you intend to try other minimally invasive processes like Botox and Microblading.

Myth # 7- HydraFacial is Time-consuming with Results

Criticizers also believe that HydraFacial leaves your skin reddish, swollen, and blistering for over an hour, but that’s not what the reality says. The moment you step out of the premises, you’ll observe a vibrant glow and shine on your face, which wasn’t there a few minutes ago. You can continue your regular chores and even catch up with your buddies. Do you know, celebrities often opt for this treatment when having red-carpet events and public appearances lined up?

The End!

There’s no magic formula when it comes to impeccable and glowing skin. But, by avoiding such baseless misconceptions, you can make a wise decision for yourself. After all, it’s not hard to recognize HydraFacial as one of the best ways to treat generic facial skin imperfections. However, we advise you to connect with professionals like Nova Clinic Dubai for a seamless hydrating procedure.

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