7 Reasons to Set up an offshore Product development team

Production is a crucial process in running a successful company, there should be accurate life-cycle management. In order to succeed there should be rapid product realization and qualitative operation support. The product needs to be unique and should match the market’s needs, only then there will be a surplus return.

To check all these requirements, the company needs a better digital transformation approach. In order to stand out, they need to possess the latest tools and technology and come up with innovative ideas. This is why you need to look into partnering with a digital transformation consultancy to hire an offshore dedicated product development team to create better perks for your company.

These obstacles can be easily tackled with the help of a digital transformation firm-

  • Budgetary-issue like factory-related costs, accounting fees, advertising costs etc.
  • Lack of resources
  • Lack of IT proficiency
  • Infrastructure cost
  • Consumer satisfaction
  • Upgradation
  • Quality updation

The Benefits

Now let us see what are the 7 main benefits of hiring an offshore dedicated product development team-


An offshore dedicated product development team is a smart method to grow your small scaled company quickly. Since start-ups usually don’t have any prior experience or expertise in product operation management. Hiring an offshore dedicated product development team will help to quicken your production operations. A team of offshore dedicated product developers will work with you on-

  • engineering
  • Design and infrastructure building
  • UI/UX
  • Marketing
  • Quality analysis
  • Product management
  • Shipping and testing

Overhead Cost

While onboarding an in-house team, there needs to be a lot of recruitment processes to welcome in a candidate, with training, and interviews. There is a significant rise in cost and along with that there is infrastructure cost- office supplies, and bills. You can avoid a lot of overhead costs by hiring an offshore product development team


Digital transformation with an offshore dedicated product development team will prove to be more agile than before. We all know, slow delivery of products can lead to customers losing trust in the company, leading to popularity loss. An offshore product development team are senior skilled experts from the fields of-

  • Product designers
  • Engineering
  • Operations
  • Marketing
  • Management

Using their assistance, creating innovative products that meet quality standards will be easier.


After a profitable release of the product into the market, there needs to be capacity building in the operation sector of the business, since there will be intense pressure from customer demand. To help the in-house operation team with workload, onboarding an offshore dedicated product development team is a good idea. They can share their skills and bring more motivation in the workplace.

An offshore dedicated product development team can-

  • Research 
  • Market analysis
  • Upgrading
  • Identification
  • Business analysis


A lot of projects require a higher product development window period, this issue can be challenged by procuring an offshore dedicated product development team. Since most digital transformation companies work in different time zone, it enables a higher productivity period. This will lead the way to maximum efficiency.


Advanced Cybersecurity tools are hard to attain without a high budget. In absence of the latest security services, your company’s data can be vulnerable to data breaching. On the other hand, an digital transformation company can access the top tools and technologies. They are also experts are threat investigation and virus attack investigation. Hiring an offshore dedicated product development team can give you the benefits of using such tools and skills for a lesser cost.


Being a start-up it’s difficult to know the ins and outs of the market and the product development structure. An offshore product development team can help in keeping you informed on the current market trends. In regard to product development, they can provide an answer to all your doubts and come up with solutions to your problems. This way, you can access the market trends. An offshore dedicated product development team will make sure your projects are smoothly operated and prepare your product for market success.

In order to develop your product ideas and release them smoothly into the market. Get assistance from our offshore dedicated product development team. We will assure you of quality service and constant support. Check us on Checkmate Global Technologies.

Now that the benefits are put on the table, make sure to analyze your requirements from an offshore product development team. So that, you can create a victorious business.

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