9 Tips to Increase View time on Your YouTube Channel

It’s quite a bit of pressure, and you’re not only required to convince viewers to watch your content, but you’re expected draw viewers who will continue to watch long after they’ve stopped watching your channel.

Here are some ideas to improve the amount of duration you are watching your YouTube channel, and eventually be more prominent in search results and recommendations. You can also purchase YouTube watchtime with SoNuker.

1. Begin with a great introduction.

The first thing you have to do is reach your audience. Get their attention fast This is precisely that Google does. The first 15 seconds are the best time to bring the attention of your audience.

  • The YouTube Playbook YouTube Playbook to Brands as and Agencies offers this data:
  • Make a memorable first impression with your visuals, either by your persona or through messages.
  • Make sure to address directly the user, not the general audience.
  • Ask them questions or plan an activity that will stimulate their curiosity.
  • Find out what they are going to witness in the short video.

2. Separate the videos into parts

Like chapters in books The YouTube chapters help viewers to understand what’s about to follow.

It’s a good idea to think about splitting your videos into segments. Each chapter should have an engaging opening scene as well as an intriguing story. Outlines can aid in this.

3. Include pattern interruption

The probability that your visitors remain or leave during a frenzy is dependent on their engagement. The interruption in patterns increases the likelihood.

If the same pictures or stories are repeatedly shown, viewers get bored and bounce rates are increased. But , it is also possible to grab viewers’ attention throughout the whole game.

HuffPost Author Helen Roe explains, “A pattern interrupt is a technique to alter your thinking or behave. Research in neuro-linguistics and behavior psychology Programming use this method to change and disrupt your the way you think and behave.

4. Do your keyword study

There’s no way to escape the importance of keywords , simply since they’re video. When coming up with content ideas, make sure that you run a simple keyword search, preferably on YouTube which is the second largest search engine on earth.

Use an online program such as Keyword Tool (change the default option into YouTube Search) and type in a subject that is that is relevant to your region to determine the topic’s interest in the search (i.e. keywords, keywords, volume).

5. Tell stories

Storytelling is a great alternative for those looking to entertain themselves and who want to learn. Find out how to present your story with authenticity and in a way that viewers appreciate (i.e. Continue to follow the story).

6. Collaborate

Get together with other people who have the same vision and goal. They could share their experiences. Through collaboration to bring in viewers who normally go to your videos with your partners, expand your audience and increase your time spent watching.

7. Create longer videos

A shorter video needs more viewers to have the same amount of time to watch as a longer video that has fewer viewers. If you upload longer videos, it is possible to modify them to appeal to your intended viewers and still get an amount of viewers that YouTube’s algorithm prefers.

8. Create a series

A sequence of videos may result in more time spent watching. It is more likely to encourage your viewers keep watching after linking to similar videos.

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9. Utilize YouTube analytics

Examining your YouTube analytics provides you with a great insight into your video content and the macro and micro views on your channel. You can track the amount of viewers per day according to dates, times and more. You can also get information about the videos the videos themselves. Particularly important is the time of drop-off. Following that, you are able to review the videos that was recorded within those timestamps and determine what may not work. You can then use this information to improve the quality of the videos and to improve next videos.

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