Asia Cup 2022 Match Dates, Team Player, Fixtures

Asia Cup 2022: After much contemplation and delay, the Asian Cricket Council finally announced the schedule of the Asia Cup. In 2018, the Cup’s last edition was played in ODI format. When the pandemic struck the world, all the countries of Asia were set to face off in 2020 in T20 format on the cricketing ground. The tournament was delayed due to this. Due to these delays, the tournament was postponed for 2 years.

The Asia Cup will be held in 2022, as the pandemic situation is improving and COVID is no longer a major threat.

The ACC, or Asian Council of Cricket, has announced the tournament’s venue and schedule. The following article contains all details about the Asia Cup 2022 match dates, team players, fixtures and more.

Asia Cup 2022

The Asian Cricket Council has finally revealed the schedule for the Asia Cup 2022. Each country will take part in the T20 Tournament at the venues set by the ACC. This is a major event for Cricket in Asian Countries.

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The first edition of the tournament was held in 1984. In the United Arab Emirates, the last edition was played in an ODI format. India won the Asia Cup last year as it was the most successful team in the cup. It did not lose a single match. Shikhar Dhawan, an Indian batsman, was chosen as the Man of the Series. The tournament will take place in Sri Lanka, August 2022 after multiple postponements.

Five of the most prominent cricket teams on the continent have been selected to compete in the cup. The qualifiers will be held in Sri Lanka. It will be interesting to see who will be joining the Asia Cup 2022.

Asia Cup 2022 Highlights

Name of the Tournament- Asia Cup 2022

Conducted by – Asian Cricket Council (or ACC).

Sri Lanka Cricket or SLC hosts

Year -2022


Format -T20

Last Edition2018

Defending Champion-INDIA

Number of participating teams -6

Dates-August 2022-September 2022

Location of Matches-Sri Lanka

Asia Cup 2022 Schedule

The official schedule of the Asia Cup has yet to be announced. The Asia Cup will take place in 2022, prior to the T20 World Cup, which is managed by the Internation Cricket Council. The Council announced that the Qualifiers matches will begin on 20 August 2022. After the addition of the winning team, the cup will continue to be played. The tentative schedule is now available. The matches are expected to be played between August and September. The tournament will begin in August and continue until September 2022. The cups will be held in such a way that boards have ample time before they participate on the ground in the T20 World Cup.

As they have waited since 2018, the teams are now all set and ready for the Asia Cup. The 2018 edition was the last. The last edition was scheduled to take place in 2018, but that was canceled due to the pandemic. This edition was to be hosted by Pakistan. Every plan was changed due to political tensions, and the Covid eruption.

Asia Cup 2022 Venue

In 2018, it was decided that Pakistan would host 2020 Asia Cup. India made it a condition that Pakistan not participate due to tensions between India, Pakistan. ACC remained firm in its decision to allow Pakistan to host the cup. India did not respond positively to the council’s decision. In 2008, the Asia Cup was hosted by Pakistan. After the attack on the Sri Lankan Team’s lands in 2009, Council decided to make it a possible venue. Later, Pakistan offered a change in Venue and agreed to set a neutral venue. The Asia Cup Committee voted to allow Sri Lanka to host the 2020 Asia Cup.

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The pandemic struck the world at that time, causing constant postponements. The Asian Cricket Council decided that they would support the hosts, and they continued to postpone the dates. The Asia Cup will be held in 2022 due to the current situation of pandemics within the Asian Countries. Sri Lanka was chosen by the council as the host for the Asia Cup Tournament 2022.

Qualification for the Asia Cup

In 2022, 6 teams will compete in the Asia Cup. Five teams will be selected based on their compliance with the Council Rules. The ACC clearly states that all five teams will be full members of the International Cricket Council. They will definitely participate in the tournament.

The winner of the Qualifiers to the Asia Cup will be the second team added to the list. Sri Lanka will host the Qualifiers. The match will take place on 20 August 2022. Singapore and Hong Kong will be competing for qualification. Kuwait and the UAE will be the Western Region’s two competing teams. The sixth team that participates in the full-fledged Asia Cup will be the team that wins the qualifier.

Asia Cup 2022: Squads and Teams

Teams that will be participating in the Asia Cup have yet to name a team. We will soon have the latest information regarding these teams. For the most recent information about the teams, keep checking this page. These teams will be participating in the Asia Cup tournament 2022:

  • India
  • Pakistan
  • Sri Lanka
  • Bangladesh
  • Pakistan
  • Afghanistan

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