Best Apps like ThopTV for Android 2022

Thoptv is the best app for web series, movies and ipl. It can be used on Android, iOS, Windows, Mac, and Windows. You can access 600+ channels, live cricket and more with this app.

You can stream websites such as Amazon Prime, Hulu , Tube TV, Hotstar, Disney +, Mubi, etc. These sites are paid and require you to pay a monthly fee. All streaming sites require tv and cable. You can also view all premium content from Amazon Prime, Hotstar, and Netflix.

All of these items are free with thoptv. Here you can also sign up for NetFlix Premium Membership. Because it offers so many features, thoptv has been voted the most downloaded streaming app.

You will find many features here. Here you can view any movie, tv-show or live ipl. You can also watch news and reality shows. You can also record the show on your phone and then watch it later.

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Thoptv like App for Netflix

Today, oreo, tea tv and LiveNet TV are all very popular. We have compiled a list of the top apps, without hacking. You will find all sorts of features. All the apps are free of ads. You won’t see any ads. This application can be used by default. These applications have all been tested. Hacking and viruses will not be a problem. Let’s take a look at the following list. It can choose the app.

1.Tea TV

Tea tv can be used in place of thoptv. You have the choice of 1080p or 720p as well as 480p, and 320p. The video quality is determined by youtube.

You can choose your favorite show. You can choose which show you want to watch. You can also schedule a show to be viewed tomorrow. You can also record your missed program if you are unable to attend.


  • In the stream, set a sleep timer.
  • Regular bug fix.
  • Chromecast extension.
  • Support is available 24/7
  • More than 100 channels are available at no cost.
  • Hotstar’s exclusive content
  • Disney + Hotstar VIP

2.Oreo TV

Oreo TV is great for streaming and watching live matches. All movies from Hollywood, Bollywood and Tollywood will be available here. here. Here you can find the best of football, tennis and cricket. It is available on Netflix free of charge.

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There are over 200 news channels here if you want to keep up with the latest news. All the latest news will be delivered to your computer immediately. You can choose the channel that best suits your language. Here you will see the channel split based on your language.


  • Autosaves your progress.
  • Live TV for ipl.
  • Simple and sophisticated user interface
  • There are channels like Sony, Zee news, sony Pal, ABP News, Fox, and Zee news.

3.RedBox TV

This is one the best sports and movie watch apps. Here you will find any movie from A to Z. You can search for the movie you are looking for by entering it in the search box. Any movie can be viewed in 4k. Here you can also save the movie. You can also save the movie to watch later.

This app was specifically designed for watching movies. This app does not contain any ads. This app was developed by professionals. This app is accessible to anyone. It is easy to use and has a simple interface.


  • English, Hindi and Tamil, Marathi, as well as 5 additional languages, are all available.
  • You can watch thousands of hours of movies, TV shows, channels, live tv and web series for free.
  • There are more than 55 shows.

4.Mobdro TV

Mobdro TV, an Asian app that allows you to access all the Asian tv channels, is Mobdro TV. You can also watch TV shows from Sri Lankan, Nepal, Japan and Bangladesh even if you’re not Indian. You will find a variety of channels and languages.

Mobdro TV is an alternative to thoptv. You can watch live matches and news channels as well as cartoons and tv shows. There is no limit to what you can watch here. This app can be used at any time during the day. The limit is set by the app. The application will open during this time. An error will be displayed if you try to open the application at other times. Mobdro TV will not show you such a problem.


  • You can find movies, news, sport, and TV programs from all corners of the globe.
  • Compatible with multiple devices
  • One of the most popular streaming apps.

5.Hotstar Mod Apk

Hotstar is a paid application that allows you to pay for tv, movies, and ipl. Hotstar is used by millions of Indians. The number of internet users is increasing as technology advances.

Hotstar is not for everyone so we have the Hotstar mod app. You will be able to see movies and tv shows just like the original Hotstar. A premium membership will allow you to see no ads.

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  • Multiple devices can be used with the same account.
  • Over 1million downloads.
  • No streaming app that is ad-free.

6.LiveNet TV APK

LiveNet TV is the best streaming app in India and other parts of the world. Live TV is used by many Indians. Here you will find all of the news and sports channels. You will also have the option to watch live TV. You can also watch live any game. This TV was specifically designed to allow you to view live sports like ipl and cricket.

To watch all of these sports, you must purchase a Hotstar plan. It is not affordable for everyone. LiveNet TV is an excellent way to enjoy the sport. You won’t have to pay any extra.


  • Subtitles are included in all new releases.
  • App apk file size is only 11MB
  • For uninterrupted streaming, there is an in-built theater mode.

7.AOS tv

As TV is an excellent app to watch high-quality, equal-quality movies. There will be no low-quality videos. Any video can be played in HD, 2k and 4K. You will need to have more data in order to do this. You can enjoy high quality video. You can also get a high refresh rate. The app works on all platforms, including android, ios and windows. This app is compatible with all devices, including android, ios, pc and windows.

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  • Good user interface.
  • Compatible with many devices
  • Audio and video of high quality.
  • It is legal to monitor.
  • Original content

8.TVT App

TVT app is an excellent and fast app that gives you a free movie or tv show. The video can be viewed in 1080p. Here you will find news, sport and wallpaper as well as music. A Lite version is also available of TVT. All these features are available in the Lite version. It is 8MB in size. You can find news and tv shows in Hindi, English or Tamil. You can select the channel that suits your language. It is easy to use. Here you will find the main options. You can choose between TV channel or movie. You can choose any option. You can choose to watch the movie if you’re a movie buff. You will find the most recent movie in it.


  • The Latest Shows
  • Live TV
  • You can download and view Letter.
  • Rapid streaming

9.Jasmine TV

Jasmine TV is a moded version jio tv. You can watch 600+ channels and more than 10 languages on jio TV. You will see advertisements on jio TV and some programs require you to pay for. All this is available on jasmine TV. Here you won’t find ads. All channels and shows that were paid for on Jio TV will be available to unblock.

Jasmine TV is a great option if you enjoy Indian tv and news. You can find all Indian channels, including sony pal, boy sab and sony max. Here you can see Indian reality shows for free.


  • Pure sound experience.
  • Dark Mode is now available
  • Advertisements removed
  • Picture-in-Picture option.
  • There is no forced update

10.HD Streamz Apk

The HD streamz app allows you to watch online video and match watching. Here you will find youtube. You will not see any ads. This app is not for those who are annoyed by ads. This app does not display any ads. You can also watch matches in cricket. Free shows such as big boss and kon Banega Karod Pat, plus dance +, are available.


  • There are no ads
  • APK with full unloked
  • Letest version avalable
  • There is no lag nor bug
  • All streaming network free

How to use Netflix on ThopTV

Netflix is an entertainment platform that we all know. Netflix is an older company that many people don’t know. Netflix was established in 1997 in Scotts Valley in California. It has millions of subscribers.

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Netflix can be used for a month for as low as 7 to 15 dollars ek. You can view the first web series here. You will find OPS, Palatal Lok and Sacred Games here. Criminal Justice, Arya Mirzapur, The Family Man and Delhi Crime, Hostages and Panchayat, among others.

Although you will need to pay for it, thoptv allows you to watch all the web series for free. Follow these steps to find out how.

  • Thoptv open
  • Click on the three-line
  • Select a category
  • Choose thoptv Web Series category
  • Select your country

After you do this, the movies and web series from various NetFlix websites will open on your screen. Click on the movie to open it. You can also view any movie or live TV on this way.

Crackle, Tubi and Pluto TV are all great options for movie lovers. Here you can find the most recent and oldest Hollywood, Tamil, Telugu, and Bollywood movies.

Thoptv is an excellent app. It has many problems. It is susceptible to network errors, video buffering, no connection and not working. People prefer to use an alternative app to thoptv. Thoptv has video buffering. This is a problem. This problem can be seen if you open any video. It shows that your data is being used more frequently and the video quality is lower.

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We have shown you different types of similar thoptv apps for Netflix. We also looked at their disadvantages and features. Below is a list. After reading this article, you can download any or all of these apks.

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