The Best City Building Games for Android 2022

The City Building Games are simulation games that allow you to create your ideal city online. You make every decision you need to expand and explore, embellish and build your ideal city. There are many games for building cities online, which could cause you to be confused to choose the most appropriate one. Here, we’ll guide you through the most popular city building games available for android phones with the finest quality graphics and features.

We’ll get straight on the list of top town buildings or city-building games to enjoy the most enjoyable time without further delay.

Top 5 City Building Game Of All time

1. Township

Township is the most popular city building game available on Android for anyone just beginning. If you’ve not yet got the chance to play any of the city building games yet, and it’s your first time playing this kind of game, and you’re looking for a fun game, then Township could be the perfect choice for you. In Township, you’re the overall control of the city. You have the option of getting pets, cultivating various crops, managing small factories, and then delivering orders to earn money for expanding your city.

2. Clash Of Clans

Clash Of Clans Clash Of Clans was founded on a simple concept of building and destructing villages. You can play the game to grow your city, construct the troops to defend it from threats from your opponents or intruders and have fun playing. The game has amazing features and graphics in which players can have fun building and demolishing structures using their troops. To create the most powerful force and soldiers to defend your village and continue to expand your community in Clash Of Clans!

3. City Island 5

Do you love islands? You can build your very personal city in City Island 5. It is among the top city-building games on Android with stunning graphics and features. In the game City Island 5, you have to start from scratch to construct your city and defend it from pirates that lurk in the ocean. Alongside that, City Island 5 also offers interesting in-game events and missions that can aid you in enhancing your abilities and building the most beautiful island city.

4. SimCity BuildIt

SimCity BuldIt is an app that is part of the SimCity franchise that lets players use their imagination and design the city of their dreams using their smartphones. This game is different from other games for city-building as you don’t just have to construct the city. Additionally, you must deal with everyday problems that arise in urban life. Find solutions to the issues of traffic, sewage, pollution and more. To simplify life for everyone. Download SimCity BuildIt to learn about actual city problems in virtual reality.

5. Megapolis Simulator for Building Simulator

Megapolis is the top city-building game on Android, which lets you experience many things in an urban megacity. Explore, build the city, mine and build the dream-like environment you’ve always wanted with Megapolis on your smartphone. Do your best to complete tasks and earn points and enjoy playing one of the top towns-building games you can play on your smartphone.

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