Best Free Plagiarism Checker Tools For Your Web Content

If you’re confident that the content on your website isn’t copied from elsewhere, It is recommended to examine it to ensure that nothing has been accidentally copied. To assist you in completing this task (and make sure that your website’s ranking remains healthy and not penalized), Here are our top 4 duplicate content checking tools:

1. Duplichecker

This tool for checking plagiarism allows you to search in text, DocX, or Text file searches. It’s completely free and has unlimited searches after you sign-up (you’re only allowed one free search before you sign up).

Scan for duplication was finished in a matter of minutes (of course, this depends on how long the page, text, or document the scanner is scanning). It’s free, simple, and efficient!

2. Siteliner

To check the entire website in search of the same information, use Siteliner. Type in your website’s URL into the box, and it will search for duplicate content, page load speed as well as the number of pages with words, both internal external and internal hyperlinks, and more. Based what the dimension of the website, the scan could take up to a couple of minutes, but the results are worth the waiting. When the scan is finished, you can access the results to see more information and even download a scan summary in pdf.

3. PlagSpotter

Is the PlagSpotter URL scan is completely free, fast, and thorough? For example, scanning a web page to find duplicate material took less than a minute, with 49 sources identified and hyperlinks to these sources to study further. There’s also the “Originality” function that lets users examine the content flagged as duplicate.

While the search engine on PlagSpotter’s website is entirely free, you can enroll for their free 7-day trial, which gives you access to numerous valuable features, such as monitoring plagiarism, unlimited searches, bulk searches, complete scans of websites, and more. If you’d like to use the service after the trial period and you want to pay for it, the paid version is incredibly cost-effective.

4. Copyscape

Copyscape provides a no-cost URL search that arrives within just a few minutes. While the free version does not conduct extensive searches (breaking in the content to find partial duplicates), it does an excellent task of finding exact matches.

If you’ve discovered two text blocks or URLs that appear identical, Copyscape has a free comparator tool that highlights duplicate content within the text. While you can only do a certain number of search results per site using their free service, the premium (paid) account permits users to use endless searches. They also offer deep search and search text excerpts search-complete sites and a monthly check for duplicate contents.

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