7 Best Interior Design Apps For iPhones in 2022

Interior design isn’t difficult if you have the right tools. There are many apps on the App Store that can assist you in Interior Designing. If you’re interested in learning more about these apps, we can help. This guide will show you the top interior design apps for iPhone.

1. Planner 5D

Planner 5D is undoubtedly one of the best interior design apps available for iPhone and iPad. You can design your interior in both 2D and 3-D modes. The app comes with over 5000 items including decor, furniture, landscape, and other items.

Snapshot is a feature that allows you to add lighting, textures and shadows to your projects to make them appear more realistic. The app is easy to use, even for beginners, provided you’re committed.

2. Dream House

Dream House, another interior design app, is promising. It can help you to redesign your home’s interior. You can give your house a vintage or modern look with the app.

You can also add hundreds of assets to your home and see the results. The app can be used offline as well.

3. Story of Home Design

The Home Design Story is a great way to improve your interior design skills if you’re an enthusiast. You will be designing your home in this game.

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You will be responsible to create everything, from paintings to exotic plants. The best part about this game? It’s completely free. Although it does require in-app purchases to play certain parts of the game, you can still enjoy the majority for free.

4. Decorator

Decorator is an excellent interior design app for iPhone. Decorator allows you to design your house, add furniture and make other modifications, just like other interior design apps.

It can be used to alter the colors of items and walls to match your design. The Decorator is also completely free to use.

5. Homestyler Interior Design

Homestyler is an excellent interior design app for iPhone and iPad. Homestyler allows you to virtual redesign your entire home. To see how your room would look in reality, you can simply snap a photo of it.

It also comes with a decent community. You can also create a profile for your design and receive praise from the community. Another plus is that the app is completely free to download.

6. Moodboard

Moodboard is an excellent interior design app for iPhone. You can create your own layouts using a variety of tools in the app.

The app can be used to draw sketches from photos and create collages. You can also share your ideas in the most creative way. Overall, Moodboard offers a comprehensive interior design tool that you should try.

7. TapMeasure

We have already discussed apps that allow you to visualize and create scenes of different items in your home. Now it is time to actually do the work and add accessories to your home.

TapMeasure, an app that allows you to quickly measure using Augmented Reality, is very useful. This is a great tool, especially if you’re redesigning an interior. You will need to make sure that the item you choose fits the space.

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