BGMI M10 Royal Pass Release Date, Time and Rewards, Price and Leaks

The BGMI M10 Royal Pass can be purchased starting Thursday, April 20, 2022, at 7:30 AM. Two hours after the expiration date of the BGMI M9 Royal Pass, the M10 royal pass will be available. It will close at 5:45 AM. You can begin to enjoy the BGMI M10 Royal Pass benefits. This web page contains information on the BGMI Royal Pass release date and leaks. You can also find rewards that range from 1 RP to 50 RP.

BGMI m10 Royal Pass

BGMI will soon be able to go to the next royale passes. Gamers can currently purchase the M10 Royale Pass. Players may be able to take advantage of several loopholes within the system. Find out all about the future awards and in-game goodies here. Let’s now learn more about the upcoming BGMI M10 Royale Pass Rewards and Leaks.

Krafton surprises us once a month with something new with the Royale Pass. Players will be able to win various gifts as part of the new Royale Pass. According to leaks, the Month 9 Royale Pass will offer gamers some new goods. Headgear will be available for purchase at 5RP, as is usual. There has been much discussion about the topic of new aircraft skins.

BGMI Royal Pass Release Date

The in-game countdown shows that the BGMI M10 Royal Pass is expected to be available by April 20, 2022. The Royal Pass segment will close according to tradition after the current season. Krafton, the developer of Battlegrounds Mobile India, will release an update in-game to allow players access to the RP section of their game. The seasonal patch will be between 10 and 15 megabytes.

In the meantime, all players’ rankings will be reset, and each player will be assigned to a lower division. BGMI fans can resume rank mode when the M10 Royal Pass officially releases.

BGMI m10 Royal Pass Reward

BGMI has witnessed a significant rise in Indian gaming in recent weeks due to various factors. The excitement and hysteria surrounding the monthly Royale Pass cannot match the enthusiasm and interest shown by gamers and their fans. Each release brings new modes, equipment, and features to the battle royale game.

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The 1.9 updates also included some new features and the end of the Month 9 Royale Pass Campaign. The Cycle 2 Season 5 Month 10 Royale Pass will be completed. You will then be eligible to purchase the Month 10 Royale Pass. This will become available after the Season 5 Cycle 2 Season 5 Month 10 Royale Pass is complete. Many users across the country have been eagerly awaiting the release of the new RP to enjoy the benefits.

BGMI m10 Royal Pass Price

It is popular because it offers many incentives at a low price. M10 Royal Pass is also more popular than M7 Royal Pass. Fans are more excited about it. According to leaked information, gamers would have to spend 360 UC to get the Elite Royal Pass. However, gamers would only need to pay 960 to get the Elite Royal Pass Plus.

Krafton will give players an additional gift certificate worth 60 UC regardless of whether they purchase Elite Royal Pass or Elite Royal Pass Plus. You will receive a coupon for 60 UC if you reach rank 30 during the season. This coupon can be used to purchase M10 or the next Royal Pass.

You will receive 60 UC if you purchase the BGMI M10 Elite Royal Pass. You can use the UC you earn to purchase BGMI’s future Royal Pass or for crate opening.

BGMI m10 Royal Pass Leaks

Three different versions of the PUBG Mobile Royale pass M10 are available. To unlock premium rewards and other benefits, players can get prizes for free without spending UC. The Elite Passes can be purchased in PUBG Mobile’s Month 10 Royale Pass at 360 UC and the Elite Pass Plus at 960 UC.

BGMI has added the M10 Royale pass to the game. The new royal pass from BGMI, with the theme “Cosmic Battle,” offers many benefits and is worth looking into. If you purchase a Royal Pass in the BGMI and Pubg Mobile, these benefits are available.

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