Bitlife Goth Clique: How To Join In 2022?

Bitlife is a game based on text and lets players live an imaginary life within the game. Players’ choices have a huge impact on the life the characters. Cliques play a significant role in the learning process within the game. Members can form a clique of their choice to get together with people similar to them in Bitlife. Members who wish for a place in the Goth Clique are typically disqualified because they have no clue what the criteria for joining this Bitlife group are.

The current number of cliques is 18 to members to sign up. Every clique has its own rules that players must satisfy before joining. Certain the requirements for joining are quite simple. For example, it is necessary for players to be of good popularity to join the Popular Kids clique. Brainy Kids clique requires players to have an excellent Intelligence grade. But, other cliques may be somewhat ambiguous with their criteria. Today, we’ll discuss how to be part of the Goth Clique. Goth Clique in Bitlife.

How To Join Goth Clique In Bitlife?

  • Popularity, The level of popularity is low.
  • Looks low
  • Happiness Amount

If a Bitlife player can complete all three, they’ll easily be accepted into the Goth Clique. But, this could be quite challenging in the game, particularly when you have a balanced character or those with impressive numbers. The most difficult statistic to achieve to play is low-quality appearance. If the character assigned to you is attractive and has a good physique, there’s not much one can do to reduce these statistics. Although an injury can reduce the look of a character, they also result from the game’s random events. Game. The most effective method to get involved with the Goth Clique Bitlife players is to roll again until they find an appearance-wise character. Furthermore, those who have God Mode activated can alter their appearance according to the requirements.

The other two requirements are simpler to achieve within the game. Popularity and happiness can be diminished by being refused by Cliques within Bitlife. To decrease the popularity of a character, those with moderate popularity may be considered for Cliques such as Popular Kids, Mean Girls (Female characters only) and Jocks (Male individuals only). Keep in mind that the character’s popularity must be moderate since high-profile characters will be accepted in these Cliques. In addition, being rejected by Cliques may also reduce the character’s happiness.

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