Five Colors Other than Red for Indian Brides

This post is for bold brides who can’t see themselves in a red lehenga on their wedding day. Some may wonder if “red” is the right choice. Let’s add some color to the bridal look, and break the monotony. Let’s add some real colors to your lehenga that will complement the Indian skin tone and glam up the party. Here are some more options for brides-to-be so they can look a million bucks on one of their most important days.

1. Pastel Pink: Pastel Pink goes well with all Indian skin colors. However, if you choose a pastel pink lehenga, don’t wear an updo. You should choose a hairstyle that adds black to the lehenga’s light, sweet, and calming color. Light pastel-colored lehengas look best with black hair.

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2. Yes! The color golden can completely replace the red in a wedding : Designers like Manish Malhotra experimented with bridal gowns and lehenga with golden colors as the base. The new brides, who dare to wear gold on their big day, wore lehenga with a gold toned color as models walked down the ramp. Indian skin tones will also love shimmer or golden lehenga.

3. Orange is not a bold, dark color : You’re a fashionista, so you’ve probably read many articles on how to wear this bold color. Orange is a great choice. The lehenga looks great with Indian skin. Don’t add too much gold to it. Designer jewelry looks great with the lehenga and makes you look “Jhakas”.

4. Blue: This is one of the warm colours that can intensify a person’s appearance. You will find it difficult to find someone who doesn’t love blue and is looking for a blue gown. You will look brighter when you wear blue as a bridal color. Did you know that only a few colors can be used to take photos? Blue is one of these colors.

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5. Bronze: Any metallic color, including bronze, looks stunning on the wedding day. A combination of bronze-colored bridal wear and subtle makeup should be used. Wearing bronze is best when you combine it with other colors. Pair the dress with a great neckpiece and drop earrings to highlight it. You are going to be the bride, so you will want to add jewelry all over the body. But avoid Jodha-style necklaces and queen-style ornaments. This kind of large jewelry doesn’t highlight your lehenga and can also make it look shabby or overloaded.

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