Gullak Season 4 Release Dates, Cast, Story, Trailer

Gullak’s third season is now available on the OTT platform Sony Liv. People are again attracted to the story of the Mishra families. Urmila Kori talks to Jamel Khan, head of the Mishra families, about Gullak season 4, and his job.

How did you expect such a long road to success when you joined the first season?

It was not something I expected to become so popular but it was fun. It was fun and people appreciated it. However, it was so well-received by critics and members of the industry that it was loved by everyone. Will be awarded a number of awards. All of these things were not something I had considered.

Which was the most noticeable difference you saw while filming this season?

People who work hard to make something effective are encouraged. It is open to all. Money is not something that anyone should be afraid of. Remember that great things often come in small packages. If not, make it better. There should be plenty. Season 3 has been improved over season 2.

What do you identify with the character of Santosh Mishra in terms of your feelings?

What is Santosh Mishra’s middle-class value structure? I like him. Santosh Mishra is honest, simple, and straight-forward. Character’s ability to delight in the smallest things. I am in the same boat. It is because Jamel Khan appears to be Santosh Mishra, and Santosh Mishra sometimes is Jameel Khan. With each new season, this bond has strengthened.

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Are There Any Scenarios in These Seasons that You Find Particularly Hard To Perform As An Actor?

My scene of suspension. My personal life is not easy. It is part of my life, so I see it as a positive. After Santosh Mishra was suspended, it was difficult for me to play his part. Although the entire sequence was difficult for me, I found it rewarding.

Is Gullak Season 4 in the Works?

This is what I fear will happen. Although we have not been officially informed, I believe that work on season 4 has already begun. These TVF guys are quite amusing. They are, in some ways, like family.

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