How to Remove Password from PDF, iOS, Android, Google Chrome

Everyone has received a PDF document (bank statements or an invoice) protected by a password. This is a way to ensure that important and sensitive data is secure, but it can cause lots of problems for us, as we must enter the password every time we wish to open the document or give the file to another person.

How can I get rid of passwords from PDF documents? (Google Chrome)

It is possible to erase passwords from PDF files when they are accessed through Google Chrome (and even other browsers like Mozilla Firefox, Safari, and many more) for Windows, Mac, Linux, or other devices by following these steps:

The PDF files can be opened with Google Chrome via Gmail, Drive, and any other platform.

The password is entered each time that you use it.

Once the PDF file has been locked, select Print either by clicking the Print icon located in the upper right-hand corner or choosing the keys ‘CTRL+P’ (Windows) or Command+P (Mac)

Then, choose the Destination as “Save as PDF” and save the file so you can save the file as PDF on the mobile device. This allows you access to the PDF without having to enter the password repeatedly.

How Can I get rid of passwords from PDF documents? (Android, iOS)

PDFs can be saved on devices like Android and iOS devices by making use of applications that are available for download from both the Google Play Store and the App Store, respectively.

You can download for Android the PDF utility app. After downloading the app, you will need to open the PDF inside the application. Once you have done that, create a password, then access the file from the original location saved for further access without the need for a password.

For iOS, it is possible to use PDF Expert, an iOS app PDF Expert app, for this use. However, it is important to note that the application requires users to sign up for a subscription for the job. However, it comes with an initial trial for free so that you have the opportunity to download all PDF files to open the files without a password.

How do I remove the password from PDF documents? (Adobe Acrobat)

If you wish to execute the deed using Adobe Acrobat for a legal process, you’ll sign up for Adobe Acrobat Pro DC. The software costs the price of Rs. One thousand forty-one per month if you subscribe annually, or. 1,691 per month when subscribed every month. Once you’ve received it, all you need to do is access the file in PDF format, type in the password, select the Lock Screen option, Security settings, then the Permission information. After that, Select security set the security Method to no security, and save the file, after which you will not need to enter the password every time you start it.

How do I remove the password from PDF documents? (Mac)

You can remove passwords from PDF files on the Mac with these simple steps

  • The PDF document can be downloaded.
  • Go to Finder, search for the file, and then preview it
  • Enter the password

After the file has been opened, click the File option. Then select ‘Export as pdf, after which you can save the file to save the file in PDF format on your device. Once again, you receive the file with no password being saved on your device.

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