How do you Fix Google Pay errors for Android & iOS Smartphones

Google Pay and other UPI services have revolutionized how we conduct daily monetary transactions. Nowadays, carrying cash is not necessary as many vendors accept it. Mobile transactions. This is great, but it can also cause problems when Google Pay shows an error and cannot make a transaction. We will show you how. How to fix Google Pay issues on an Android or iOS smartphone

Verify Your Registered Number

You will need to update your Google Pay app if you have recently changed your phone number. Also, ensure that your phone number is linked to your bank account. Updated as well. Google Pay links your bank account to the app by using the registered number. If your registered number does not match the number in your bank account, you can use Google Pay. Google Pay will not allow you to use the phone you have on you. Here’s how to update your phone number in the Google Pay app.

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Step 1: Open Google Pay and tap on your profile in the upper right corner.

Step 2: This page displays all of your basic information such as your name, UPI ID and phone number. Tap on to check your phone number Settings’.

Step 3: Tap on “Personal Information” and choose the “Edit” option next to your number.

Step 4: Google Pay prompts you to enter your new number. This will be verified with an OTP.

After your phone number is updated in the app, you will be able to make Google Pay transactions again.

Google Pay App Updated

It is possible that the Google Pay app has been discontinued if it has not been updated in a while. To resume Google Pay services you’ll need to update the app to the most recent version. You can This can be done by simply visiting the Google Play Store, App Store, and searching for Google Pay. To get the most recent version of the app, click on the “Update” option.

Clear App Cache

Google Pay saves temporary files in its cache memory, just like any other app. The cache memory can become full over time with corrupt files, preventing the app from functioning properly. properly. To clear Google Pay’s cache go to Settings>Apps>GPay>Storage>Clear Cache.

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Verify the Connection

Transactions won’t be possible if there is no Wi-Fi or data available. Try again. Make sure you have a working internet connection. Before you can make a payment on Google Pay, your smartphone must have strong internet connectivity.

Reinstall the App

If none of the above solutions work and you still have issues with Google Pay, uninstall the app and reinstall it again. This will reset all settings and get rid of any issues with Google Pay. Any bugs that could be causing problems. Press long-press on the Google Pay icon within your app drawer to uninstall it. Next, go to the Google Play Store/App Store to reinstall Google Pay.

These are the most common solutions to Google Pay errors for Android and iOS smartphones. If you still have issues, contact your bank to see if they can help account. It is not uncommon for banks servers to go down. This can cause problems with transactions using Google Pay.

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