How to Activate Water Lock Mode on Apple Watch

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This article will show you how to activate Water Lock mode on an Apple Watch Series 2 or later. Water Lock mode is a neat little feature on the Apple Watch Series 2 and later. These Apple Watches can be submerged in water and still work fine.

Water Lock mode will disable all buttons on the Apple Watch and display of the Apple Watch to prevent accidental clicks and taps.

How to activate Water Lock mode

  • Make sure your Apple Watch is on the Watch face. To access Control Center, swipe up from the bottom.
  • Once you are there, tap the Water Lock icon (looks similar to a water droplet).
  • Once enabled, the Water Lock icon will appear at the top of the Apple Watch’s face.
  • Your Apple Watch will now be in Water Lock mode. This mode will prevent any input from the device until it is disabled.

Turn your Digital Crown counterclockwise to disable Water Lock mode. The Apple Watch will start to beep multiple times. This is done to let any water from the speaker grill escape. You may notice water escaping from the speaker port of your Apple Watch if you look at it from the opposite side.

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Your Apple Watch will continue to function normally even though Water Lock is enabled. The screen will still show the time and notify you if any notifications are received (if it isn’t completely submerged).

Your Apple Watch may not be able to connect if it is submerged. The Watch will still work if you are walking in the rain or showering with it. Anything beyond that will be disabled, such as pressing the Digital Crown for the Home screen.

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