How to do Keyword Research for SEO?

Although Google is constantly on edge by releasing every algorithm update, they continue to roll out, and one thing has remained pretty constant for inbound marketers trying to improve their websites for keywords: research.

In this article, we’ll discuss the term “keyword research,” the importance of it, and how to conduct your research to determine your SEO strategies, as well as then select the appropriate keywords for your site.

What is a keyword? Research?

Keyword research involves the procedure of identifying and analyzing search words that people type into search engines in the hopes of using the data to serve a particular reason, usually to optimize search results (SEO) as well as general advertising. For example, keyword research may reveal the keywords to target specific keywords, their popularity search terms, their difficulty to rank and many more.

Why is Keyword Research so important?

Keyword research can provide valuable insights into the terms your audience’s using on Google. The insights you gain from these search terms will help you determine your content strategy and your overall marketing plan.

People use keywords to locate solutions while conducting online research. Therefore, if your content succeeds in bringing your content to our users when they search, you can expect more visitors. Thus, you must be making sure that you are targeting the right searches.

The elements of Keyword Research

1. Relevance

Google determines the relevance of content. That’s where the notion of intent to search comes into. Your content will only be ranked for a specific keyword to satisfy the searchers’ requirements. Furthermore, the content you provide must be the most relevant resource on the web for the query. So, in the end, how can Google give your content a higher ranking even if it has less value than other content online?

2. Authority

Google will give more weight to sites it considers trustworthy. This means that you have to make every effort to establish yourself as an authoritative source by enhancing your website with relevant, informative content and then promoting it to get social signals and backlinks. On the other hand, if your site isn’t considered an authority in your field or if the search engine’s results are stuffed with authoritative sources that you cannot beat.

3. Volume

You might end up first on Google for a particular keyword; however, if nobody ever searches for it, it won’t bring traffic to your website. Similar to setting up an online shop in a dead town. Volume is measured monthly the volume of searches that is, how many times a keyword is searched each month for all audience types.

Use tools for keyword research in your favour

Keyword research tools and SEO software will help you develop new keyword concepts based on specific match keywords and phrase match keywords based on the concepts you’ve created up to now. The most popular keywords include:

  • Ahrefs
  • SEMrush
  • Ubersuggest
  • Google Keyword Planner
  • SECockpit
  • Keywords All Over The Place
  • Moz
  • KWFinder

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