How to Enable iTunes Dark Mode on Windows 10

About the themes for smartphones, everybody loves the dark and black backgrounds. Dark themes are great for various reasons, such as it’s beneficial in darkness or during the night as it doesn’t strain the eyes. When it comes to using the darker iTunes skin, users have been impressed and found it user-friendly and attractive. However, iTunes default skin mode is white, and you can switch to dark mode inside it.

What is ITunes Dark Mode

When you start using the Dark Mode of macOS Mojave, many of the interface’s unique elements go dark. Examples include the dock, the system board menu bar, dock, and even the trash area will become darker.

Despite that, this feature can affect the applications you install on your Mac. For example, when you switch the mode to Dark Mode, applications like iTunes, App Store, news, and many other apps will be darker.

Its Dark Mode of the macOS system is geared toward reducing the strain on users’ eyes. This can be extremely beneficial, especially during the evening. If you switch to Dark Mode, you will see less light than a normal screen.

How to Change On Dark Mode In ITunes

The truth is, iTunes dark mode can be utilized effectively on Mac and Windows devices. However, if you’re not sure about how to use them safely, this section on the site will help you know.

To install the Windows iTunes skin, click on the .exe file twice. For Mac, the same procedure applies to using the .dmg file. Particular iTunes skins require you to replace the previous iTunes.src with the version you downloaded.

How to Change the Dark Mode of iTunes On Windows 10

Follow the below steps to carefully enable the dark mode in iTunes to dark mode on Windows 10.

In the Windows 10 search bar, enter “Settings” and then look it up. In the Windows Settings section, click “personalization,” and you will be able to change the background and color. Select “color” on the right sidebar.

  • Click on System Setting
  • Choose Personalization
  • Select Color
  • Select Dark Mode

How to Fix Dark Mode for ITunes On Mac

  • Then, click the Apple icon located at the upper-left corner of your screen.
  • Select the System Preferences Option’ and then go to General.’
  • Click on the Appearance option, and then you’ll be able to choose from the Dark Mode preview.
  • You can check what your device will look like when you apply the dark mode

However, a handful of users have to utilize iTunes Dark Mode during the nighttime. To do this, you’ll require a different method to use the dark mode, known as the Dynamic Desktop, and below is the method to apply it.

Select the System Preferences option Select the option desktop and Screen Saver.’

Choose the option that appears to be curvy icons for the desktop, “Dynamic Desktop.’

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