How To Fix IPhone 13 Face ID Problems

Before proceeding further, take a look to see if anything is blocking it with something covering the TrueDepth camera, such as debris or dust. Next, ensure to wash it clean and take off any accessories that cover your face, including sunglasses or a face mask. Next, try placing your iPhone in front of your face.

Solution 1. Charge iPhone

Be sure that your iPhone 13 battery is not less than 10 percent. If it is, it could be why you are experiencing iPhone 13 Face ID problems. Charging your phone can aid in removing the issue. However, if you can enable this mode to lower power, you must turn off the feature as it may delay certain functions in your phone.

Solution 2. Restart The Phone

If Face ID cannot allow you to unlock your iPhone 13 and you are requested to enter a Passcode instead, It doesn’t mean that there’s a significant issue. If you haven’t utilized Face ID to open the device for more than 4 minutes, Apple requires you to enter the Passcode to protect your data. Therefore, enter your Passcode, secure the phone, and unlock it using Face ID. If the problem persists, reboot the phone and attempt again.

Solution 3 – Check Face ID Settings

Click on Settings and then tap the Face ID and Passcode button. Next, verify that you’ve created the Face ID correctly. In the use of the Face ID section, you’ll see some options. For example, if you intend to utilize Face ID as a security method for accessing the iPhone, the button next to that iPhone unlock option should be displayed in the green color. Similar is the case for other options.

Solution 4 – Reset Face ID

In the Face ID & Passcode screen, you can also select to reset your Face ID. It will not take a great deal of time. You can go into settings, Face ID, and Passcode > click Reset your Face ID. Set the Face ID again and ensure that you have done it correctly.

Return to the Face ID and Passcode screen. Now, tap Set Up an Alternate Appearance. It can help you most when you wear different clothes often. For instance, your everyday routines require the appropriate helmet, sunglasses, and so on.

Solutions 5 – Update Software

Verify if there’s an update to your software for iPhone 13. iPhone 13. Go to the General Settings menu and select Software Update. Next, select Download and install. In most cases, updating your iPhone to the most recent iOS version can resolve the glitch.

Solution 6 – Reset All Settings

Do any of the above solutions help you solve the iPhone 13 Face ID problems? Perhaps you could try to reset all configuration settings of your device and begin at the beginning.

  • Open your Settings app on your iPhone.
  • You must enter your Passcode before unlocking it. Then, on the Settings screen, look for the General tab and click General.
  • Continue scrolling until you reach Transfer or Reset iPhone.

Select Reset, and then tap Reset All Settings. This method won’t erase your iPhone information. Instead, it will make it reset your iPhone settings back to the default settings.

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