How to fix Spotify Friend Activity That Isn’t working in 2022?

Spotify is an online music platform that has millions of users. Although Spotify is considered among the top in the field, it is not invulnerable to errors and bugs. Recently, some users have been unable to view friends’ activity on Spotify. However, there are steps that users can take to correct this Spotify friend activity that is not working issue.

The Spotify Friend Activity isn’t Working Solution

This problem is typically seen with users who use Spotify for their smartphone devices. It is rare is ever to play with Desktop users. Let’s look at what could be done to correct this issue.


If you have a specific friend who isn’t visible or whose activity is not visible, try this solution. To do this, unfollow and follow the individual friend you are having trouble with. Also, verify if you accidentally unfollowed the friend. If so, follow them back, and you’ll be able to observe their activities.

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Another easy solution that users can try to correct an issue with the Spotify Friend Activity error that’s not appearing is to log out of the Spotify account and sign in to your account again. Then, verify if the issue can be fixed by making a new login.

Turn on the Friend Activity

If you’ve mistakenly turned off the friend’s activity, If you accidentally turned off the friend activity, here is the procedure you could do to turn it on.

  • Click the downward arrow near the upper right corner page of the Spotify page.
  • Go to Settings.
  • Choose Display Options.
  • You can turn on the option to monitor friend activities.


You can hide friends within Spotify. Be sure that you haven’t done this if you wish to view the activity of this friend. It’s simple to de-hide the friend’s profile on Spotify. Go to the Activity tab and check whether the friend is hidden. If they are, you can unhide them. This is the way to solve the problem of the friend’s activity not showing on Spotify.


If all else fails, If nothing else is working, remove Spotify on your phone, after which you can install the app once more. This should restore your default Spotify settings and fix any issues that could have caused a friend’s activity to fail in the past.

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Update The App

Make sure you’re using the most current version of Spotify. There are times when the older version of Spotify could be a problem for the smooth operation of Spotify.

An outdated OS version may also trigger problems and errors like the application. So make sure that your device is running the most recent OS version.

These are the steps users must follow to correct the issue with friend activities not working on Spotify in 2022. If none of them work to solve the point, it could be with Spotify’s end. The users will have to wait until Spotify fixes the issue and come back after a few weeks.

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