How to Get the Tower of Fantasy Home System

You will discover many beautiful places in Aida while exploring it. Most MMORPG’s are so focused on the quests and exploring, that players rarely have time to design a shelter for their characters. Tower of Fantasy has released the update 1.5. Players can now get their own home system in a land called Artificial Island.

The Home System in Tower of Fantasy can be found on an island that is not part of the lore. It’s called The Artificial Island. You won’t be able to access this island immediately. First, you must be at least Level 50 to gain access to Chapter 2 of the plot. You should now be invited to the Artificial Island.

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To unlock the Home System, you will only need to complete Kalador’s questline once you have reached the Island. Although it is quite simple, this task can take some time. To be able build on the island, you will need to collect 10 Dev Logs. This quest will give you access to the Home System. You can also use the Build option within the game.

If you find the job of searching for Logs tedious and prefer to build without the hassle, you can purchase the Home System at Level 60 for 840 Exploration points. With the help of the resources and construction materials in the game, you can now build on the island.

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