10 Tips to Increase Followers on Facebook Business Page

Here are the 9 Tip to increase followers on facebook business page

1. Include links to your site

Do you recognize those tiny Facebook icons that are displayed at the back of email messages as well as on web pages’ corners? It would help if you utilized those.

Include a Facebook link in the footer of email marketing, blog posts, or on your site so that your customers are more likely to visit your page on Facebook and join them alike.

2. Create a Follow button for your site

You can take this more step by adding an icon that automatically allows users to visit your Facebook site without ever going off your site.

When users are browsing, they aren’t likely to wish to be directed to their social media page, So by placing this button, you eliminate any barriers that could be in the way.

3. Run competitions

Who doesn’t like getting something free? The idea of running a contest, giveaway, or promotion through your Facebook profile is an easy and effective method to increase the number of people who follow your page.

Research has shown that 39 percent of Facebook users follow the page to access an offer or promotion; therefore, use this data for your benefit. Here’s an example of this:

“This weekend only, we’ll give an entire hamper of all our bestsellers and one lucky person. All you need to do to be in with a chance to win the prize is follow our blog and add two friends’ names by leaving a comment below. Best of luck!”

This is a double-whammy as you get not only the first person interested in following you but also two of their friends who are likely to would like to take advantage of the prize.

4. Contact your customers

Emails are the most efficient tool for marketing over and over again. They’re more personal, delivered directly to consumers’ mailboxes, and are 40 times more likely to achieve marketing effectiveness than other types of communication.

Make the most of the resources you already have and ask your email readers to join your Facebook page by adding the ‘join our Facebook community link at the bottom of your emails.

5. Post continuously

The trick to maximizing your users’ engagement and consequently followers is to post regularly and consistently but without over-stuffing your site with content.

The latest research on the best time you should post to Facebook indicates that posting once a day is the best option, and you can post only two posts per day; However, if you make two posts, make certain to keep your posts between them – no one would like to feel as if you’re constantly bombarding them with posts.

A study on the effectiveness of Facebook posts revealed that when business pages made two posts per day, There was a 50 percent drop in engagement on the second post. Our suggestion? Could you keep it to a minimum of once per day?

At a minimum, you should post content to your website three times per week to benefit from the site’s advantages.

6. Timing is also vital

It’s not only about how often you write but the time and at what. Of course, this will differ between businesses, so you’ll need to employ some good old-fashioned common sense to determine the ideal time for your business.

If, for instance, you are selling products to children, posting your content during school hours means that the people you are targeting – parents – are more likely not to see your content. However, If your audience is females and males, seeking out peak commute times increases your chance of getting noticed.

It’s not the only tool you have at your disposal. Facebook insights will give you a lot of useful information on the behavior of your followers and more on this topic.

7. Pay for advertisements

The most obvious method to increase the number of followers is to use paid-for advertisements.Using Facebook ads, you can:

  • Choose your target audience,
  • Choose the location where you will run your advertisement,
  • Make a budget and stick to it.
  • Select a format for your ad, and
  • Monitor and monitor the effectiveness of your ad.

8. Create shareable content

The most efficient method to gain new followers on any platform, including Facebook, is to make sharing-friendly content. We’ve discussed contests and videos, but they can go to other areas. Shareable content is what your followers already be able to see, and instantly would like to share with their family and friends, so it can be content that’s Funny, Informative , Inspiring (like giving away), Innovative, etc.

Be aware that when you post on social media, it does not always have to be solely about advertising your products and services; However, having a little moment of laughter and fun could bring your followers into the world of great. Consider ideas such as GIFs and memes, videos, and more.

9. Make use of videos

Videos are the newest trend in marketing. The social media platforms Facebook and YouTube are trying to compete with live TV streaming, and, consequently, they are pushing videos up the ranks of the social feeds. So to get your content in front of more people and increase your followers, you should start uploading videos.

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