How to Repair Google Search Bar On Android

The Google Seach Bar can usually be located on the primary screen on most Android phones. It’s a great feature for Android users since they can easily access Google without finding it on their phone. But, there are times when Google Search Bar is not visible. Google Search Bar is not displayed when you look at the screen. This could be due to several reasons. The widger could not be enabled in the first instance, or the user accidentally deleted it. Whichever the case, you’re in luck should you be looking for restoring Google Search Bar on Android? Google Search Bar on Android, then look no further.

You can restore the Google Search Bar On Android.

It’s not difficult to fix Google Search Bar. Furthermore, it is pretty easy to restore Google Search Bar on Android. To restore it, you need to follow the steps listed below.

Plan -1

  • Hold and press the empty spot on the home screen of your phone.
  • This will take users to edit mode, where they can select widgets on the left menu.
  • Explore through the Widgets that are available to locate your Google Search Bar.
  • Choose the widget.
  • The widget will be restored, and you can continue using it.
  • Users can also alter the position for the widget simply by simply dragging and dropping it into the desired place.

Plan -2

If the method described above doesn’t work to bring it back to the Google Search widget, The issue could be because there isn’t a Google app installed on the phone. When the Widget section does not show an option to do this, the user should verify whether you have installed the Google application installed. If not installed, then install the application on the Android Device. It should take only some time to complete this.

Once users have installed the Google application on their devices, they will follow the procedure above to make the widget work again. Similar to the earlier method, users must navigate to their home screen and enable Edit Mode. Then, they will be able to access the Widgets and then search through the search widgets for Google. This will bring back to the Google Search Widget on the device.

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