How to Screen Record Disney Plus for iPhone & Android

Method 1. Built-in Screen Recording Feature

iPhones come with a screen recording feature built in. However, before you use it, make sure the Control Center has the screen record button. To access the ControlCenter, swipe down from your iPhone X or higher version. If you have an iPhone 8 and older, swipe up. You can check if you have the screen record button by looking at the circle and dot around it. Follow these steps to add it if you don’t have it.

Step 1: Open Settings>>Tap on “Control Center”>>Tap on “Customize Controls”.

Step 2: Scroll down and click the green Plus sign beside “Screen Recording”. As a result, the “More Controls” portion at the bottom will be replaced by the “Include” portion at the top.

Now you can start recording your screen. You should be aware that some apps may block your screen. To prevent this, tap on the crescent moon button in the menu to activate DONT DISTURB.

Step 3: Tap on the screen record button to start recording while you are there. The screen record button will turn on a timer, which gives you three seconds to respond before the recording starts.

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Method 2. Disney Plus app

PlayOn Cloud allows you to download and save old Disney Plus movies. This app offers a free 7-day trial that allows you to access Disney Plus. PlayOn Cloud can record some programs and movies from streaming video services such as Netflix, Amazon Video, Disney Plus, and others. It can also screen-capture protected movies. Recording movies on your smartphone can cause inconveniences.

Step 1: Open PlayOn Cloud on your iPhone’s App Store. This app can be installed on your smartphone.

Step 2: Choose Disney Plus from the various channels. This list could include hundreds of films. PlayOn Cloud allows you to download and record the majority of Disney films.

Step 3: Once you have located the film that you want, click on the title and choose “Record”.

How to Screen Record Disney Plus for Android

You can also screen record Disney Plus movies using Android. PlayOn zCloud can be used. It only gives you 7 days of cloud storage. After that, it will cost $34.99 to record 350 videos. If you wish to record more Disney Plus videos you will have to pay more.

Step 1: Install the PlayOn Cloud App from the Google Play Store onto your Android device.

Step 2: Open PlayOn Cloud and select Disney+ from Channels tab.

Step 3: Once you have found the recording that you are interested in, click on the title to open the information screen.

Step 4: Click the blue button to start the recording

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