How to Sharing Your WiFi Password from any Device

When you welcome guests to your home, they’ll probably want to know the password to your WiFi before any other information. It is possible to follow the path of the local coffee place and post the WiFi username and password and hang them on the wall. Or, continue sharing these credentials manually until you’ve got them memorized. You can accelerate this process by sharing login information directly on the internet on any platform or device. We’ll help you do this.

How Do You Share WiFi logins for iPhones ?

If you’re sharing passwords with other people with other Apple devices, you don’t have much to do. Just make sure you have your iPhone or iPad running the most current versions of iOS and iPadOS. Also, make sure you’ve been logged into the iCloud service for your phone. (You can check by opening Settings. If you see your name at the top of the page, you’re done.) The last step in preparation requires verifying that you have the person’s Apple ID in an address file.

Once you have done that, you can unlock your iPhone or iPad, and it should connect to your network. Next, request your friend choose the correct WiFi network for your Apple device. Then, you’ll see an application on your iPhone or iPad screen asking you to share your password for WiFi with your companion. Select Share Password, and you’re ready.

It will go without issue, so you’re connected to the WiFi network you’re trying to share, and your friends’ devices are within reach of their iPhone and iPad.

If you’re looking to connect and share your WiFi password with those who don’t own an Apple device, you’ll likely need to use other manual methods.

How Do You Share WiFi Passwords with Windows?

Unfortunately, Windows 10 doesn’t have a built-in feature to share passwords for WiFi. The best option is to use a different computer to access your WiFi password quickly. To locate saved WiFi passwords for Windows 10, go to Settings > Network and Internet > > Network and Sharing Center. Connect to: NETWORK Name and then select Wireless Properties.

The final step involves clicking the Security tab and selecting the Show characters box beneath the Network security keys. Next, you’ll view your WiFi login password on your personal computer, so you can give it to anyone interested in using an Internet connection.

How Do I Share WiFi Passwords Using Android?

If you own an Android phone operating Android 10 or later, you’ll be able to generate a QR code to communicate your WiFi password quickly. First, go in Settings > Network and internet > WiFi and then tap on the gear symbol next to the title of the WiFi network that you are connected to. Next, click Share, which includes an icon for QR codes too, and enter your passcode, and you’ll be able to see a QR code displayed on the screen.

Request your colleagues to ask them to enter this number on their phones so that they can connect to your wireless network. Most Android phones are equipped with Google Lens, a Google Lens app, which can scan QR codes and then open them swiftly. If you’re using an iPhone, it is possible to open your Camera application and then scan the QR code to join.

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