How To Solve Destiny 2 Rune Puzzle Witch Queen Quest?

Destiny 2 Witch Queen is an impressive expansion of Destiny 2, a first-person shooter game. It offers a variety of exciting quests for players, such as The Memories of Ruin Quest. If players can finish this quest will be able to achieve the Rune game’s goal. But, some might be confused by the puzzle and don’t figure out how to complete it. We will show you how to achieve this puzzle in Destiny 2 Witch Queen Rune Puzzle Quest. So let us get straight into it.

Destiny 2 Rune Puzzle Answer to Witch Queen Quest

When players know what needs to be completed, it’s simple to complete the Rune Puzzle. As soon as players step up to the ice wall, where the Rune Puzzle is located, they’ll be described the problem. According to reports, the Odd One Challenge has to “find an assortment of runes that stand out from other runes”. This makes the game pretty easy to understand. The next step is to be aware of the rune columns and shoot those that do not match any other column’s patterns. There are three rune columns that players need to shoot. Here is an illustration.

The players will notice how the rune column highlighted above differs from other columns in this section. TheThe columns are known as The Odd Ones out, and players have to shoot these to finish the Rune Puzzle. But, the rune columns vary for every player, which means that the following example may likely not match the ones that pop to mind for you. However, if you can comprehend the concept, it should be pretty easy to identify the unusual runes and then shoot them. If a player hits an in error column, the game will start with a message that states this and the player is required to beat all right rune columns.

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