How Wi-Fi 6 Affects your Business Network

It’s no secret that the expansion of businesses is dependent on their efficiency and the quality of their infrastructure.

From collaboration to communication, workers are now used to a reliable Wi-Fi network that can power the devices they depend on for the most incredible amount to get the job done. This can include video conference and digitally enhanced customer experiences, remote working, and others often competing with one another for bandwidth.

At the final point, the requirement to increase speed and scale prompted the most recent standard of wireless connectivity, which is Wi-Fi 6. It is compatible with more devices and provides more efficient connections that increase productivity everywhere work happens. This is done by:

  • More efficient channels utilization puts data into small units of airtime and resource. This allows simultaneous connections instead of separate rapid-fire connections
  • More bandwidth will allow for greater throughput and better overall connectivity
  • Improved performance of both 2.4 5GHz as well as 2.4″GHz radios.

In light of the constantly evolving complexity and sophisticated attacks on cyberspace, Wi-Fi 6 certified platforms and devices also come with the latest encryption technology to protect employees and consumer data in a digitally-driven environment.

But small and medium-sized enterprises (SMBs) who use older networks struggle to make the most of Wi-Fi 6. In reality, they are faced with problems with performance and are often faced with complaints from customers, which requires the IT staff to focus on simple tasks to solve problems.

The Wi-Fi 6 related ecosystem of platforms and devices has reached maturity and has been widely used in the majority of SMBs that are moving towards Wi-Fi 6 will not an issue of “if” instead “when.”

Aruba Access Points Aruba Access Points (APs) specifically made for small and mid-sized businesses are compatible with the latest technology in Wi-Fi, improving the capacity, reliability, and performance of the enterprise network. In addition, Aruba’s APs are also equipped with the latest security features to protect the most critical aspects of the business. These improvements include:

  • AirWatch and ClientMatch They are patent-pending improvements in performance and reliability that target the Wi-Fi gap and persistent client behavior. In addition, they provide seamless coverage from corner to corner.
  • Flexible management through the cloud and on-prem choices and the ability to control instant AP without a controller
  • Simple setup using Zero-Touch Provisioning automatically sets up settings for new APs to allow plug-and-play deployment.
  • Secure password security with WPA3 encryption and enhanced open standards that block unauthenticated devices from connecting networks

If you’re on the correct internet connection, Wi-Fi 6 has up to four times the capacity.

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