Is there a Season 2 of Once Upon a Small Town?

Season 2 of Once Upon a Small Town: Good News, Folks! Netflix has added another series of romance TV shows to keep you entertained. We’re here to tell what the next season will bring.

The number 2 will leave you wondering about Once Upon A Small Town’s season. The right place has been located. Continue reading to learn more about the upcoming season.

Once Upon a Small Town Season 2 Renewal

Kwon Seok -Jang will direct the new South Korean streaming TV series Once Upon a Small Town. It will star Park Soo, Yoo Young-woo and Jung Suk-Yong.

KakaoTV’s original series is a romantic comedy about Han Ji-Yul, a Seoul veterinarian. He meets Ahn Ja-young, a local police officer.

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The first episode of the series’ romantic television series will be released on Netflix Monday, September 5, 2022. There will be new episodes every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and beyond. The season finale is scheduled for September 28. There are 12 episodes.

Official trailer for the romance TV series is out. The trailer is now available. If you haven’t, please do so.

The teaser is quite serene and joyful, and you can feel the Hometown Cha Cha Cha vibes. Let’s hope that this teaser can bring some joy to the crowd after a string of dramatic and tense performances.


Netflix describes the series as follows: “Against his will, a veterinarian from the city moves to the country, where he meets an officer, who is an insider of the town with a friendly secret.”

Kdrama is a simple, beautiful, and easy-to-understand show that focuses on Han Ji-yool, the veterinarian.

He is tricked by his grandfather into taking over his grandfather’s veterinary clinic in his village while he travels throughout Europe. Ahn Ja-young is a police officer who helps Ahn discover the joys of life and overcome the difficulties of moving from Seoul to Heedong.

Is Once Upon a Small Town returning for a second season of its series?

There is no information available about the second season. Based on the reception to the first season, the directors will decide whether or not to renew the show.

Before the release of the first season, viewers received many encouraging comments from those who watched the teaser.

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One person said, “This is the type of drama that we need today.” It’s like a hug, and it is so healing. It’s a cute dynamic, with lots of chemistry and laughter.

It was a pleasure to see Park Sooyoung play Ahn Jayoung. This is a great movie!

Once Upon a Small Town Season 2 Cast

Joy, who was cast as Ahn Ja Young in the Netflix Original Once Upon a Small Town will make her Netflix debut.

Joy is a member Red Velvet, one the most popular K-Pop bands. Joy also acts in K-dramas, including The Liar and His Lover and Tempted.

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