Overwatch 2 Missing & Locked Heroes – Why is this happening?

Those who played OW1 with some or all of their heroes unlocked now see them all locked in Overwatch 2 This is annoying, especially if these characters are your favorite to play. This will make the game less fun, especially for returning players. It can also cause problems for Blizzard. Many players are also missing skins. What is the reason for Overwatch 2’s missing and locked heroes? Are they gone forever? Find out more here.

Overwatch 2: Why are Heroes missing or Locked up?

Don’t panic if you have unlocked all heroes from OW1 and are seeing them as locked. There have been no lost items or progress. This is due to an error in the flow of the First Time User Experience (FTUE), which was applied to existing players. This is why the heroes are locked up, just as new players would.

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How do you fix the Locked Heroes issue in OW 2 for existing players?

To resolve this issue, log out and then log back in. This has been reported to work well for most players. If this does not work, you can contact Blizzard support to submit a ticket. The development team will investigate the matter and resolve it for you. Please fill out all details necessary for the team.

You should also confirm that you have merged your accounts in order to allow the item transfer. We can’t do anything as players until the developers fix it. Rest assured, the data of players has not been deleted. For the most recent updates on the game, you can follow the official Twitter account.

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