PS5 Controller Isn’t Responding How to Fix It?

Users experiencing the PS5 controller issue that doesn’t respond should not look any further to figure out a solution. Today, we’ll discuss ways to repair an unresponsive PS5 controller as well as the root reasons for it. Several reasons could cause the PS5 Controller not to function correctly. It could happen when the Controller is accidentally synced with a different device or issues with the Controller’s Bluetooth connectivity. Furthermore, issues with USB-C Cables or USB ports may be the reason for the PS5 Controller that isn’t responding. Finally, there is a chance that users are experiencing issues with their PS5 because of issues with the Controller’s hardware or outdated firmware.

These are just a few problems that could lead to the PS5 controller freezing. Let’s look at how to resolve the issue.

How to Find a Solution PS5 Controller that isn’t Responding?

  • Sync The Controller
  • Start the system.
  • Connect the console to a USB cable.
  • Then, connect your Controller via a USB-C connection.
  • Click on the PS button of the Controller.
  • If the Controller’s light is blue, it signifies that the Controller has been in sync.

Different USB-C Cables

If your PS5 Controller is still not responding, you can try another USB-C cable to solve the problem.

USB Ports

Check that your USB ports are working perfectly in good working order. Examine any issues that could interfere with the operation of the port. For example, even a tiny amount of dust could prevent the USB Port from working correctly. Also, ensure whether the USB cable is connected correctly with the USB port. Use a different USB port to ensure that a port problem doesn’t cause the issue.

Eliminate Added Devices

If there are any devices connected to the Controller, remove them before using the Controller once more.

No Bluetooth Interference

To ensure that the PS5 Controller isn’t having Bluetooth issues, move it towards the PS5 when you connect wirelessly. Also, eliminate any devices that may be hindering the connection. Additionally, unplug the Controller with any other devices.


Shut off the device by holding it to power off. Then, switch it back on to see whether the issue is fixed.

Factory Reset If all else is not working, try the factory reset option to resolve the PS5 Controller’s not responding. To do this, you’ll have to press the Reset button on the side of the Controller, inside the tiny hole.


Verify that your PS5 system is up-to-date. If not, you may upgrade them using your System Software Update and Settings.

Replace Battery

The PS5 Controller may not be responding because there’s an issue with the battery. Therefore, it could be necessary to purchase an alternative battery.

These are the solutions that gamers can attempt if they cannot use the PS5 Controller is not functioning.

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