Star Wars Visions Season 2 Gets an Exciting Update

Star Wars: Visions, released on Disney+ in 2021, marked the first time anime had crossed over into the faraway galaxy. This anthology series was produced by seven of Japan’s largest anime studios. It featured nine episodes that told stories about the Star Wars timeline events. Visions was a new series, but it received positive reviews.

Visions’ first episode, “The Duel”, was one of its most popular. It features Ronin, a character who hunts down Sith warriors to collect their kyber crystals after defeat. Shortly after the show’s premiere, a continuation of the story was published in the form of a novel. Many fans campaigned for additional episodes and also for a Season 2.

These wishes could be granted sooner than expected, according to recent rumours.

Cinelinx insider Jordan Maison shared the news that Season 2 is in production for Star Wars: Visions. Multiple sources have confirmed that Season 2 of Star Wars: Visions is in the works. He also claims that October and September have been listed as possible release dates. Season 1 was released on September 22, 2021. Season 2 will be released in Fall.

According to the report, some of the Japanese anime studios involved in Season 1 will be returning, and there will be continuations for some of these stories.

Rumours suggest that Season 2 will be announced at Star Wars Celebration next month. This event runs from May 26-29 in Anaheim. Some footage might be shown alongside the announcement. However, this has not been confirmed.

Visions: The Ease to Release Star Wars

Star Wars: Visions differs from other projects released directly to Disney+. Fans have expressed concern about the release dates of many Star Wars projects from Lucasfilm and many MCU projects from Marvel Studios. They can’t all be combined without overlapping.

Ms Marvel and Obi-Wan Kenobi are in this situation right now, with the last three episodes of Ms Marvel being released on Disney+ on the same day as their first three episodes. Many have suggested that Star Wars projects should be released on Fridays, and Marvel projects would be released on Wednesdays to fix the issue. However, this is not happening right now.

Given the Disney+ schedule, it is easy to wonder if Disney+ has enough room for another Disney+ show in 2022, given the Disney+ schedule. Star Wars: Visions’ Season 1 didn’t follow the same schedule as other shows. Instead of one episode per week, all nine episodes were published on the same day.

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The episodes were only 10-20 minutes long, and the series was not a linear one. Season 2’s episodes will likely all be released on the same day as Season 1. This allows for no concern about Visions making it too busy. The entire series will be available to viewers from the beginning so they can follow their hearts

Season 1 of Star Wars: Visions can be streamed on Disney+.

Official Trailer Of Star Wars: Visions 

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