Top 10 Web Development Trends for 2022

The development of websites is growing at a rapid pace each new year. New web-based technologies are identified frequently as developers search for innovative ways to innovate. If you’re a business owner that uses digital marketing, it’s crucial to anticipate the changes in technology and adjust to them to stay ahead of the game and gain new customers.

To help our readers, we’ve looked at the changes across sectors and developed a complete list of the most recent web development trends to 2022.

Web Development Trends for 2022

1. Progressive Web Apps
2. Accelerated Mobile Pages
3. Voice Search Optimization
4. API-first Development
5. Data Security
6. Chatbots
7. JavaScript Frameworks
8. Automation Testing
9. Responsive Websites
10. Dark Mode

1. Progressive Web Apps

The progressive web app (PWA) is a kind of application software developed using standard web technologies such as HTML or JavaScript. PWA can be used on any device that has a normal browser. It has gained a lot of attention due to its ability to provide users with a superior user experience.

PWA is widely used because of a myriad of other reasons, not least its potential in replacing native mobile applications. PWAs provide a fast experience even when users are offline or are connected to an unstable network. Many Web Design companies across the world have begun providing PWA solutions for their customers. In addition to providing a fantastic customer experience, PWA offers additional options like push notifications, as well as offline access to the cached contents.

Advantage of PWA in Web Development

The technology allows web developers to make use of the power of mobile apps and websites to:

  • Create an experience that is immersive for the user.
  • Improve user engagement and increase conversion rates.
Additionally, Progressive Web Applications:
  • Develop at a relatively low cost.
  • It is possible to use it without relying on the app distribution service such as Appstore and Play Store.
  • It is quick to install and has automatic update features.

User examples

  • Starbucks
  • Spotify
  • Platform examples
  • Flutter

2. Accelerated Mobile Pages 

Accelerated Mobile Page is the hottest trend for developing websites in 2022. The idea was born from the partnership of Google and Twitter to build more responsive mobile websites. AMP-optimized pages can load fast and rank higher than other mobile websites. The loading time for AMP pages is around 2 seconds, compared to non-AMP sites, which can be up to minutes.

Since the internet has become more user-centric, AMP is a technology that developers are taking advantage of. Implementing AMP allows companies to save money on UX and draw in users with slow internet speed. The technology was developed to support small businesses by creating websites that function smoothly on mobile devices.

Advantages of AMP in Web Development

They provide many benefits for web developers such as:

  • Simple optimization for search engines.
  • Very low bounce rate.
  • Adjusts to any type of browser.
  • There is no need to develop sitemaps that can be recognized by search engines.

3. Voice Search Optimization

The term “voice search optimization” can be simply described as the process of optimizing websites to be found in voice searches. Devices that utilize voice recognition are rapidly gaining recognition, due to the popularity of IoT and voice assistants. The technology has advanced to the point that, by next year, they will be able to recognize the voices of different individuals and offer a customized AI-driven experience. In the world of Web development, the most current results are voice-activated self-standing devices and voice optimization for websites and apps.

With more AI-enabled devices, Voice recognition can save us time and let us multitask. According to the estimates that will be 8 billion voice-enabled devices will be available in 2023. The huge growth will affect how voice search optimization can be necessary for the latest web development technologies.

Advantages of Voice Search Optimization in Web Development

Voice search optimization can help Web developers by assisting them in these ways:

  • Local SEO makes Local SEO campaigns more efficient.
  • Can answer customer queries quickly.
  • Build trust and increase customer loyalty.
  • Alexa (Amazon)
  • Google Assistant

4. API-first Development

As the name implies, APIs are given top importance in development based on APIs. As new technologies develop, it is essential to connect them, and APIs help facilitate the connection. APIs have been in use for more than 20 years. In the beginning, developers were focused on developing products first, and the necessity to create an interface to devices and software came as an incidental thought.

But API-first development does have many advantages, with one of the biggest is that it’s a user-centric approach. This method lets developers work simultaneously, reducing the time to develop and costs. Additionally, it lowers the possibility of failure for an application by ensuring that all APIs are stable and consistent. This is why API-first development is becoming a key pattern in Web development at present.

Advantages of API-first Web Development

In addition to being extremely developer-friendly API-first development has many benefits such as:

  • It reduces the learning curve for developers because consistently documented APIs that are well-documented and consistent are made available.
  • APIs are stable and reliable and reduce the risk of failures in the system.
  • Before the code is written, stakeholders can provide feedback on the API’s design.

5. Data Security

The name implies Data Security means protecting your digital data from unwanted attacks or breaches. Cyberattacks can be devastating to your company’s reputation and image. Therefore, data security is among the most popular web development technologies of 2022. Whatever web app you plan to launch, protection for data has been essential.

Shortly In the next few years, we can anticipate AI to become more effective in the area of data security. One of the most recent innovations we witnessed was biometric authentication using AI that scans retinas and fingerprints. It is also easier to spot threats when using AI-powered software.

Advantages of Data Security in Web Development

The latest developments regarding Data Security can help web developers in these ways:

  • Utilize secure content management systems as well as plugins and extensions.
  • Make sure you choose secure servers and hosts.
  • Use reliable firewall software.

6. Chatbox

An AI-powered chatbot can be described as an improved version of standard chatbots. It uses natural language processing (NLP) and machine learning (ML) to comprehend users’ intentions better and offer an experience similar to a human. In addition, AI-powered bots are equipped with advanced features such as 24/7/365 ability to solve problems and behavioral analytics capabilities. Experts say self-learning bots are the future, and businesses can save money by replacing support staff. In addition, Chatbots powered by AI can easily integrate into normal or professional websites and PWAs.

AI chatbots are an emerging trend that is thought to be an investment that is worth it over the long run. They can help answer questions and connect users to the best human-like assistant or even process orders. In addition, Chatbots typically provide fast responses to emergencies and can quickly resolve issues.

The benefits of using AI Chatbots for Web Development

In a time when customers demand more feature-packed products, chatbots that AI powers can benefit developers in these ways:

  • Facilitate development by replacing navigational elements of websites.
  • It provides an outstanding user experience.
  • Create fewer applications since chatbots become integrated with messengers.

7. JavaScript Frameworks

A JavaScript framework is a collection of code libraries from which developers can use already-written code to perform regular programming tasks. JavaScript has not been invented new; it’s everywhere, even by 2022. It is believed to be the most popular programming language worldwide, and the latest trends for websites shortly will further develop the capabilities of JavaScript frameworks.

JavaScript frameworks could incorporate UX/UI, testing, and management of product aspects. The advantages of JavaScript, such as instant responses, high efficacy, and ease of coding, can be utilized to their fullest potential in the coming years. JavaScript has grown to become the preferred programming language over time and will continue to be so.

Benefits of JavaScript Frameworks for Web Development

Here are a few notable advantages of JavaScript Frameworks for web development:

  • It lets developers create code modules without worrying about compatibility issues with older browsers.
  • Provides built-in HTML templating, which makes Markup data easy to comprehend.
  • It supports the component-based design, which lets reuse of content.

Most well-known JS frameworks:

  • Vue.js
  • Angeles

8. Automation Testing

Automation testing is defined as performing software testing using minimal or no human involvement to improve effectiveness. Testing is an integral part of web-based development, specifically to verify the quality of a product before the release. Though manual testing remains the norm method, it’s not necessarily the best option for 2022. Automating the development phases lets developers complete complex projects with a limited group. In addition, automation of tests assists them in determining if the software is ready for use and provides greater coverage of trials and greater transparency.

Automation testing helps the development team gather test cases, learn from them, and reduce the time spent on development and costs (up to 20 percent). So what makes automated testing an important internet development trend? Simply because the digital market has become more competitive, which means being more responsive and providing higher quality products will aid you in leading.

Benefits of Automated Testing on Web Development:

Automated testing makes the process of developing simpler. Here are a few advantages:

  • Reusability of codes Codes are modularized and can be reused when required.
  • Automated tests can be performed every day, with no one monitoring.
  • Software testers can focus on more complicated issues.


  • Selenium
  • Eggplant

9. Responsive Websites

Responsive Web Design is a development method that is utilized to create websites that can adapt to different screen sizes. For example, it is impossible to inventory the most popular web development trends for 2022 without including responsive websites. In addition, every second, a request for information is being submitted to the web from mobile devices, which suggests that businesses should consider investing in responsive design to build websites that automatically adapt to the device of their choice.

The technology solves numerous issues, including improving the user experience and increasing the time that a user spends on a site. Furthermore, Google had already announced that mobile-friendliness would be a factor that determines ranking in its algorithm for search engines.

The benefits of responsive Web Design for Web Development:

Here are a few ways that web developers can profit from responsive Web Design:

  • It’s quicker than building a standalone mobile website.
  • It is simple to keep track of analytics data.
  • Responsive websites are easier to maintain, and all devices’ styles will be the same.

10. Dark Mode

The dark mode was implemented in the past few years, but it was only from 2020 to 2021 that it became a common fashion in web design. The concept behind dark mode is linked to the color scheme utilized. This means that dark backgrounds are used to create a website, where text and various UI elements are shown in a light hue.

The dark mode is an important aspect of all developments in the present. Research suggests that most people would prefer the dark method over light mode. Certain solutions offer an option to switch between dark mode and light mode by adjusting the settings to suit their preferences. Certain other solutions force the dark color scheme as their primary color scheme. No matter how it’s implemented, there’s no doubt that dark mode will become a standard internet development trend by 2022.

The advantages from Dark Mode in Web Development

The dark mode is well-known not only because it’s fashionable and appealing but also because it offers many practical advantages, including:

  • It decreases strain on the eyes, particularly in low-light conditions.
  • It uses less battery when it is in dark mode rather than light mode, with identical brightness.
  • It’s proven to be beneficial to people who have visually impaired or with light sensitivity
  • The emission of blue light is reduced when dark mode is enabled.

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