What are SEO keywords?

Keywords for SEO are terms or phrases used in your website content to aid people in finding your site via search engines such as Google. Optimizing your site with SEO keywords (and by SEO the best practice) will help increase the number of visitors and users to your website.Two kinds of SEO keywords that you must be aware of When it is about SEO keywords, There are two kinds that you must be aware of, both long and short-tail.

1. Short tail keywords

Short tail keywords are those comprised of just one or two words.

In the graph to the left in the right, for instance, “online shopping” is an example of a keyword with a short tail.

They are likely to have a very high volume of searches. This means that many people are searching for them every month. So if you’re looking to choose the right keywords for your website, it could be an excellent idea. You want to make sure your company is to many potential customers you can, right?

Unfortunately, the short keywords also face a high level of competition which means it will be challenging to rank high for the keywords. This is particularly true if you’re only starting your website, which competes with companies that optimize their websites for many years.

This is why short-tail keywords aren’t an ideal keyword for SEO at all, not least, not for companies that are just beginning to improve their website. On the other hand, an organization that has used SEO for many years and is a bit more experienced, for instance, could choose to target short-tail keywords with no hesitation.

2. Keywords Long Tail

However, long-tail keywords can range from three to ten individual words, sometimes more. For instance, “Best Online Shopping Center in India ” is an example of a long-tail keyword.

They are likely to be less searched for and also less competition. This means that, even though fewer people are searching for them per month, you stand greater chances of reaching these people.

How to choose keywords for SEO that drive traffic

Once you’ve figured out the terms SEO keywords mean most likely to be, you’re wondering what keywords you should choose that are SEO-friendly. There are plenty of tools that can help you find the top keywords to use for SEO and reliable methods you can employ.

Use keyword research tools

Keyword selection should not be the use of guesswork. There are many online tools that you can utilize to find the most effective alternatives for your company.

If you manage pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns that use Google Ads, Keyword Planner from Google Keyword Planner is one of the most efficient options as it draws data directly off Google Ads. In addition, it offers accurate data on the number of searches performed and the competitive levels for each keyword.
It will also recommend keywords based on pages you already have and is a great beginning point for research on keywords.

If you don’t have currently running Google Ads’ campaigns – or if you would like to go beyond Google to find a different keyword – you can pick from a range of other tools for keyword research. Some are paid for, but there are some free tools you can utilize to discover SEO-friendly keywords.

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