[ 2022 ] List of Top 10 Windows Tips and Tricks

These are just a few of the many features Windows 10 offers. There are many more tips and tricks to come. These are just a few of the best features in Windows 10. So, let’s get started.

1. Windows 10 Record Screen

Windows 10 doesn’t require any special software to record the screen. Windows 10’s Xbox Game Bar feature can capture screen shots and record your screen. You can also use VLC Media Player to capture your desktop screen.

2. Windows 10 MSRT Tool

Windows 10 has MSRT, a tool that is in addition to Windows Defender. MSRT (or Malicious Software Removable Tool) is a security tool that can be used to delete hidden malware from your computer. This tool can identify a particular group of threats to your system.

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3. In Windows 10, disable the Lock Screen

If you do not have a Windows 10 Password or PIN, you can disable the Lock Screen. Microsoft Windows 10 displays new backgrounds on its lock screen. This can slow down your internet speed and increase startup time. You can disable the Lock Screen to reduce Windows 10’s startup times.

4. Schedule a Windows 10 Shutdown

Schedule a shutdown if you forget to turn off your computer at night. You can schedule a task within the Task Scheduler to schedule a Windows 10 shutdown. Although the process can be tedious, it is well worth the effort and time.

5. Hide & Lock Photos in Windows 10

To hide or lock photos and videos on Windows 10, you don’t have to use any third party app. You can hide the images using the File Explorer options. You can also create a folder locker to protect the images.

6. Windows 10 allows you to create a virtual machine

To create a virtual machine, you can turn on Hyper-V in Windows 10. Hyper-V, an optional feature, creates a virtual computer on Windows 10 without the need for any third-party apps. To create a Virtual Machine, however, you need to turn on Virtualization on Windows 10.

7. Get the Windows 10 Product Key

The Command Prompt can be used to locate your Windows 10 product key if you’ve lost your computer bill. In just a few steps, Command Prompt will give you the Product key for Windows 10.

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8. Windows 10: Create custom icons

It’s easy to modify icons in Windows 10. But have you ever considered creating your own icon pack? Without installing any third-party apps, Windows 10 allows you to create custom icons. To create custom icons in Windows 10, you can use Paint 3D.

9. Get Offline Maps for Windows 10

Windows 10 allows offline use of maps, just like Android. You can download maps offline even if you aren’t connected to the internet. This feature allows the native Maps app to show you directions and places without having to connect to the internet.

10. Make Your Own Run Commands

The Run commands are useful because they allow you access features and apps by simply entering a brief command. Windows 10 allows you to create Run commands for almost anything. To open sites, apps, settings, and more, you can create Run commands.

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