Top 5 YouTube Channels for Photography

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Photography is an interesting art form. A YouTube channel is a great way to learn photography if you are passionate about it. Many of the YouTubers who specialize in photography can quickly teach you tips and tricks. These are the top YouTube channels for photography that you should be following.

1. Jared Polin

You will find a lot of photography content on the channel. His videos include camera gear reviews, tips and tricks, as well as camera walk-throughs and other photography content. The Photo News Fix is his best video section. It gives you an overview on what’s happening in the world of photography and keeps you up-to-date. Jared Polin boasts an amazing 1.32Million subscribers to his YouTube channel.

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2. Mango Street

Mango Street is the next channel with 1.04Million YouTube subscribers. Mango Street is dedicated to providing the most innovative photography tutorials for viewers. You can quickly and easily take the perfect shot with the videos on the channel. This channel is all about photography, styling and editing. It is very easy to learn from the channel’s videos, which are both short and expressive.

3. DigitalRev TV

YouTube is well-known for its self-proclaimed “Most Viewed Photography Show on the Internet” page. The channel boasts an incredible 1.9Million subscribers. This is a remarkable feat. This channel, which is based in Hong Kong, has many interesting videos for its viewers and watchers. This channel reviews all types of equipment related to photography that can be found online. The channel also provided tutorials and fun tricks for the camera.

4. Fstoppers

The list has around 893K YouTube subscribers, making it the least popular YouTube channel. This channel was added to the list because it is the most unique YouTube channel. Fstoppers, an online community for photographers and videographers that was founded in 2010, is a place where creative professionals can share tips, tricks, tutorials and reviews. You will find the most exciting content and education in photography on this channel.

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5. We Eat Together

We Eat Together is the last YT channel to be listed. For all foodies who enjoy taking pictures of their meals or after they prepare them, the YouTube channel is mentioned. You will find many great tips and tricks on lighting, time-lapse, and how to shoot from different surfaces to create an artistic look.

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