15 Top YouTube SEO Tools to Improve Video Rankings

Many YouTube video ranking tools are on the market to help you improve your video ranking. While some tools can be used for SEO, others are designed specifically for YouTube.

Tool 1 : Google Trends

This tool is used by most SEO professionals to evaluate the performance of a keyword. It also displays the keyword’s behavior as YouTube-specific trends. You can navigate to YouTube Search to find more ways to rank higher on search engines.

Tool 2: YouTube Autocomplete

You can start your keyword research by using YouTube’s autocomplete feature. You can simply type your keyword in the YouTube search bar and YouTube will give you other options that are ranking.

Tool 3: Rank Tracker

This tool is one of the most effective tools for ranking a number of keywords. This tool also has a free version that provides a solid list with productive keywords, but less competition.

Tool 4: Keywords Everywhere

This tool is available both for iOS and Google Chrome. The browser extension can be installed on your device. This will allow the tool to generate a keyword result. The extension will allow you to find different keywords on the right side, whenever you type any keyword into the search bar.

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Tool 5: AnswerThePublic

This is one of the most popular SEO tools available. This tool allows you to find keywords that include all preposition forms, question forms, comparison forms, etc. This SEO tool might be a good option for beginners.

Tool 6: Keyword planner

The tool can be connected to Google Ads. To get better results, it is recommended to upgrade to the premium plan. The free version doesn’t provide as much information, but you will get more than the paid version.

Tool 7: YouTube Tags

It works in the same way as keywords everywhere. This extension can be installed on your browser to find tags that are related to the keyword.

Tool 8: Rapid Tags

This tool allows you to create multiple tags. The free version is limited so you can only use it once. It will generate tags that are related to your topic.

Tool 9: YouTube Analytics

YouTube provides this tool, which can be accessed through your channel dashboard. These insights allow you to track audience behavior and determine the interest of your viewers. So you can optimize your videos accordingly.

Tool 10 : TubeBuddy

This tool can be used to analyze and optimize your channel statistics using competitive research. This tool is the best YouTube SEO tool to edit your video data.

Tool 11: Rival Intelligence

This tool allows you to see everything about the growth of your competitor. This will give you a complete report on your competitor, including what worked for them, their keywords rank, the type of tags they use, and so forth.

Tool 12: NoxInfluencer

This tool allows you to improve your performance by evaluating the channel’s relevance to each category. This tool can help you improve your channel’s SEO.

Tool 13: Socialinsider

This tool allows you to compare your channel with other channels and see where your strengths lie. This will allow you to increase your rank and performance.

Tool 14: YouTube Comment Moderation

This feature, or tool, allows you to create a filter that will automatically block spammers and quarantine any phishing comments. The tool will take care of all the details.

Tool 15: Smart Moderation

The above tool works in a similar way. This tool works in the same way as YouTube’s moderation tool. It can hide comments containing forbidden words and can also delete them simultaneously.

These are 21 YouTube SEO tools that will help you boost your video ranking and other benefits. YouTube is an amazing platform for reaching millions of people, but you have to put in your best effort.

Most Frequently Asked Questions

YouTube SEO is Important

It is crucial to follow search engine guidelines. YouTube, however, is the largest search engine platform and has SEO tools.

Is SEO really effective for YouTube?

Absolutely. You won’t be able to rank higher without proper SEO. This is why you should analyze every aspect of your YouTube video to get the best search results.

How can you rank higher on YouTube?

YouTube can be ranked faster if you use the right keywords, an optimized title, detailed descriptions or tags, and a proper SEO optimization with relevant material.

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